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WP Engine – The Web Host for Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

The folks at WP Engine know real the Shark Tank effect is. When businesses appear on Shark Tank, they can literally explode overnight. For companies that appear on the show, their traffic has huge spikes during the show’s airing, and in many cases in the weeks that follow. Having a site crash due to massive Shark Tank-induced traffic could […]

Susty Party Holiday Collection

Emily from Susty Party recently contacted me to see if I’d like some samples of their Susty Party Holiday collection for review. Not being the type to look a gift horse in the mouth, I said, “sure!” From the moment Jessica Holsy and the pixy-ish Emily Doubilet danced their way on to the Shark Tank set […]

Where’s the other sock? – Sock Tabs

Sock Tabs is on a mission to solve a big problem: in Shark Tank season six, Mark Cuban said one of the great mysteries of life is “where’s the other sock?” Glen and Tracie Burress believe they have the answer, or at least the solution, to the “lost sock” problem. Their Sock Tabs allow socks to […]

NABS – Bubble Soccer

John Anthony Radosta thinks he has the next big thing on his hands (or feet) when he pitches NABS (short for the National Association of Bubble Soccer) in Shark Tank episode 711. Bubble Soccer is taking the world by storm. It first appeared on a Norwegian comedy show which featured professional soccer players plowing into each […]

Brazilian Cheese Bread – Brazi Bites

Brazilian Cheese Bread has its roots in the 1600’s when slaves in the state of Minas Gerais started making tapioca starch from yucca roots. They rolled the starch into balls and baked them. A few hundred years later, folks started adding milk and cheese to the starch and Brazilian cheese bread was born. It’s a staple […]

Fashion for Good – umano

Jonathan and Alex Torrey hope the Sharks bite into umano, their company that uses fashion for good. The two designer/brothers are trying to create a fashion brand with (the always lower case) umano. Umano means “humanity” in Italian, and these guys have a lot of it. They sell tee shirts that kids design, then they […]

WatchOff Review

One of the cool things about writing Shark Tank Blog is I get a lot of neat products to review, whether the company was on the show or not. This week, I’m taking a closer look at WatchOff. WatchOff is a watch designed for people who work. The model I received is called “The Worker,” […]

Will Saavy Naturals lather up?

Guest post on the Saavy Naturals deal with Barbara Corcoran – by Dan Casey The natural soap market is highly competitive. At every farmer’s market and natural food store, you see various soap brands in different shapes and colors with discernible specks of herbs. Saavy Naturals believes using food grade, chemical-free ingredients to nourish your body’s largest […]

Fix Shrunken Sweaters – UnShrink It

MIT isn’t the only school in Boston that churns out cool science stuff as Nate Barbera and Desiree Stolar prove when they pitch UnShrink It in Shark Tank episode 709. The two Harvard MBA grads developed a scientific solution to solve one of life’s great problems: the accidentally shrunken sweater. Anyone who owns a sweater has […]


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Funny Shark Tank Moments with Daymond John

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