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WP Engine – The Web Host for Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

The folks at WP Engine know real the Shark Tank effect is. When businesses appear on Shark Tank, they can literally explode overnight. For companies that appear on the show, their traffic has huge spikes during the show’s airing, and in many cases in the weeks that follow. Having a site crash due to massive Shark Tank-induced traffic could […]

Home Organization Franchise – Major Mom

Angela Cody-Rouget pitches Major Mom, her home organization franchise, to the Sharks in episode 719, the season seven “Military Special.” Angela is a retired Air Force Major whose husband coined the nickname “Major Mom” after the birth of their first child. As a retired Major with small kids, she set out to build a business for […]

R. Riveter Handbags

Military wives take on the Sharks when Cameron Cruse and Lisa Bradley pitch R. Riveter Handbags in the episode 719, the Shark Tank “Military Special” for season seven. The women met on a military base where their husbands were stationed and quickly hit it off. Like most military spouses, they bemoaned the lack of roots caused by […]

Combat FlipFlops offers Peace through Opportunity

Former Army Rangers Donald Lee and Matthew Griffin seek “peace through opportunity” when they pitch Combat Flipflops in episode 719, the Shark Tank “Military Special.” Their mission statement is provocative and moving: To create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict. Our willingness to take bold risks, community connection, and distinct designs communicate, “Business, Not […]

Bear Tek Blue Tooth Gloves

Marine veteran Willie Blount and his cousin, Tarik Rodgers, pitch Bear Tek, their blue tooth enabled gloves, in the season 7 Shark Tank “Military Special.” Blount served six years in the Marine Corps, where he studied electronic theory. As an avid motorcyclist, Blount got concerned about the safety of adjusting the music from his phone […]

Icy Breeze Cooler Air Conditioner

Jason Shakleford, Dave Yonce, and Andrew Jenkins pitch their Icy Breeze cooler that’s also an air conditioner in Shark Tank episode 716. Yonce, a self-professed “serial entrepreneur,” created the Icy Breeze in 2013 to cool off in places where it isn’t usually possible. He makes the coolers, with a battery-powered fan and exhaust cooling duct, […]

SAT Test Prep Course – 2400 Expert

There’s no doubt Shaan Patel is a smart guy and he has a lot of credibility creating an SAT Test Prep Course; he scored a perfect 2400 when he took the course! Patel pitches his growing SAT test prep course business, 2400 Expert, in Shark Tank episode 716. Patel used his success on the SAT, […]

COAlition Smart Back Packs

Launching a successful brand with Kickstarter isn’t easy, but Jeff Popp and Casey Lorenzen did it for two different brands: MHM Back Packs and COAlition Smart Back Packs. Back in 2012, Popp “launched” his then three-year-old brand, MHM Back Packs, to the crowdfunding public. The successful campaign helped propel the brand into one of the more sought […]

She Fit Sports Bra

Bob and Sara Moylan hope for some support from a Shark when they pitch She Fit Sports Bras in episode 716. Sara is a former competitive beauty pageant participant who now competes on the Fitness America circuit. Working out continues to be a big part of her life. As a life-long fitness enthusiast, Sara had […]


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