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high tech cork

High Tech Cork – Wine Doctor

“Winetrepreneur” Chase Hoyt and his father pitch a high tech cork, called the Wine Doctor, in Shark Tank episode 529 on April 18. The Wine Doctor is much more than a high tech cork, it’s a vacuum pump system that pumps air out of an open bottle of wine then seals it with an “intelli-stopper,” […]

fort bulding kit fort magic

Fort Building Kit – Fort Magic

Erika Pope unveils her fort building kit, called Fort Magic, to the Sharks in episode 529. Pope, a “momtrepreneur,” got the idea for the fort building kit when her son was playing in a dryer box. She wanted to create a toy that taught kids about construction while allowing them to create what every kids […]

smart light bulb ilumi

Smart Light Bulb – Ilumi

It seems smart phones can control just about anything these days and entrepreneurs Swapnil Bora and Corey Egan figured out a way for smart phones to control a smart light bulb. Ilumi, the world’s first smart light bulb, was created by the pair back in 2010 when they met in business school. After winning the University of […]

Curated Kid’s Books

Curated Kid’s Books – Zoobean

Felix Brandon Lloyd and Jordan Lloyd Bookey have a new way to keep up with the best educational books and apps with their curated kid’s books service called Zoobean. They’ll pitch their business in Shark Tank episode 529 on April 18. They call the service a ”Pandora for children’s apps and books.” Felix, a former teacher […]

hold your haunches update

Hold Your Haunches Update

When I spoke to Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer for a Hold Your Haunches update the Monday after their original air date in the Shark Tank “battle of the sexes” episode, I had no idea I’d be speaking to the latest Shark Tank success story! The ladies were punchy after a weekend of limited sleep […]

Plated review

Plated Review

When I saw Plated had a Shark Tank Special the night they originally aired, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do a Plated Review. After all, it would give me an opportunity to get back to my “foodie blogger roots.” Plated is a service that sends chef designed meals directly to your […]

power practical power pot

Power Practical Interview – David Toledo and Caleb Light

Power Practical principles Caleb Light and David Toledo spoke with me prior to their pitch on Shark Tank episode 524 where they’ll introduce Power Pot, a thermoelectric generator and cooking pot all in one. The two Eagle Scouts combined their love for camping and their technical and business talents to create a “powerful” business” with […]

power pot thermoelectric generator

Thermoelectric Generator – Power Pot

Caleb Light and David Toledo introduce the Shark Tank panel to their portable thermoelectric generator called the Power Pot in episode 524. The Power Pot is just one of the products their company, Power Practical, sells; they have other power-related products in development. David, the inventor of Power Pot, found a way to use the […]

trackless train ride funtime express

Trackless Train Ride – Fun Time Express

Stan Krozel and Kevin Ullery are two guys from Chicago who like to ride their train while running their business called the Fun Time Express. They’ll be pitching the company in Shark Tank episode 524 on April 11. Fun Time Express is a trackless train amusement ride the business partners operate in 7 malls in Indiana, […]

quick stop tool

Quick Stop Tool

Matt Scarpuzzi pitches his Quick Stop Tool to the Sharks in episode 524. Matt is an engineer and a paramedic who developed the tool to stop fire sprinklers that have malfunctioned or been damaged from spraying water all over homes and businesses. Fire sprinklers are supposed to put out fires, but when they go off […]



First Defense had Sharks Fighting

  The Shark Tank can be a very scary place to be for an entrepreneur. Whether Joe Moore was afraid or not when he entered the Shark Tank, he left with a smile on his face and the satisfaction of knowing he got the biggest offer in Shark Tank history. Joe was seeking $500,000 for […]

Toygaroo Shark Tank

Toygaroo Bankruptcy

Toygaroo got a lot of buzz after being funded in season two of the Shark Tank. Last week, the episode featuring Toygaroo was repeated on Saturday night, so there was increased interest in the company here on the SharkTankBlog. While researching for a follow-up post, I came across some puzzling things. I noticed Toygaroo’s Facebook, […]

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chocomize update

Chocomize Update Interview

I spoke recently with Joe Dauenhauer to get a Chocomize update. Joe, a Saugus, MA native and Boston College alum, charmed Lori Grenier with his Boston accent (who WOULDN'T be chahmed by such a wicked awesome accent), but she and the other Sharks weren't sweet enough on the business to … read more

screenmend update

Screenmend Update Interview

I spoke with Brian, Emma, and Lily Hooks recently to get a Screenmend update on what went down after Shark Tank. As a father of four girls, I was intrigued by their story (I really wanted to see how they got along OFF SCREEN)! The girls assured me they get along very well, and Brian concurred. In … read more

rufflebutts update

Rufflebutts Update Interview – Mark and Amber Schaub

Mark and Amber Schaub took some time to speak with me for a Rufflebutts update interview. They spoke about their business history, their trip to the Shark Tank, and what drives them as entrepreneurs. We chatted for over an hour and if they lived in my area, they're the type of folks my wife and I … read more

drop stop update Marc Newburger Jeffrey Simon Lori Greiner episode 419

Drop Stop Update

When I spoke to Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon to get a Drop Stop update after they made a deal with Lori Greiner in episode 419, I found two guys who are having a BLAST being entrepreneurs and who are enjoying the glow of their 15 minutes of Shark Tank fame. I wanted to know all the usual things … read more

PostureNow posture correction device

PostureNow Review

PostureNow entrepreneurs Matt Franklin and  Mike Lane were funded by Mark Cuban who stood up straight and made a deal to help the Portland, Oregon area businessmen with their posture correction device. I asked a Chiropractor to review their product and pitch from a professional perspective.  Dr … read more

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