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Lori's All Stars

Lori’s All Stars

Lori Grenier has a special update segment in episode 613 called “Lori’s All Stars.” Six businesses Lori invested in are highlighted and they include some of the most successful Shark Tank products in the show’s history. Lori’s All Stars are: Scrub Daddy, ReadeRest, Drop Stop, FiberFix, ScreenMend, and Invisiplug. Lori always says: “I know immediately […]


5 Tips: How to Get a Shark Tank Product on Store Shelves!

About the Author: Karen Waksman (www.retailmba.com) is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker, and Consultant. She has sold millions of consumer products to the world’s largest retailers and now teaches her proven strategies on how to approach, pitch, and sell to major retail buyers to the ‘underdog’ supplier – the small to mid-size product company […]

bombas socks

Quality + Cost + Conscience = Bombas SOCKS

Bombas SOCKS it to the Sharks Bombas was a great business pitch to watch. Think about what they were able to do: differentiate a parity product! That’s no easy feat (no pun intended) when consumers typically substitute one athletic sock brand for another because they’re all virtually the same.  “The mass market athletic sock hasn’t changed […]

RetailMBA - 1024x576

Retail MBA

Many entrepreneurs who appear on Shark Tank want to get their products on retail store shelves; they could use Retail MBA! Time after time, business owners in the Tank ask the Sharks for assistance opening doors to major retail buyers. With the Retail MBA, you don’t need a Shark! SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE TRAINING […]

mensch on a bench contest

Mensch on a Bench Contest

The Shark Tank Blog is pleased to announce a Mensch on a Bench contest. Neal Hoffman, creator of the Mensch on a Bench, who airs tonight in the 2014 Shark Tank Holiday Special, has offered a lucky Shark Tank Blog reader an opportunity to WIN a Mensch on a Bench! Mensch on a Bench Contest […]

neal hoffman mensch on a bench

Neal Hoffman Interview – Mensch on a Bench

I spoke with Neal Hoffman prior to his appearance in the Shark Tank Holiday special. He was just headed home to his family in Cincinnati after a promotional road trip. Hoffman is the guy behind the Jewish answer to Elf on a Shelf: the Mensch on a Bench. Last holiday season, Mensch on a Bench […]


Christmas Light Hanger – EveDrop

Nathan Shaffer wants to get the drop on a Shark when he pitches EveDrop, his Christmas light hanger system, in Shark Tank episode 614. It just isn’t Christmas in the Shark Tank without a product related to Christmas lights. Last year’s Shark Tank Holiday Special featured Lite-Netics, a magnetic Christmas light hanger; Shaffer’s solution doesn’t […]

hoppy paws stamping kit

Reindeer Tracks Stamping Kit – Hoppy Paws

Trina Barkourasis took an old family tradition and turned it into a business: a stamping kit that creates reindeer tracks to amaze children on Christmas morning. She pitches her stamping kit, called Hoppy Paws, to the Sharks in the 2014 Shark Tank Holiday Special. Trina actually created the original stamping kit 20 years ago to make a […]

mensch and elf

Hanukkah Plush Toy – Mensch on a Bench

Neal Hoffman pitches last years hottest Hanukkah tchatchke from last holiday season, Mensch on a Bench, in this year’s Shark Tank holiday special. Mr. Hoffman has been a toy guy since completing his MBA degree at the University of Virginia. He worked in the marketing department at Hasbro for 6 years: he actually had the chutzpah to write the company and […]

q-flex acupressure

Q-Flex Personal Acupressure Device

Mother/daughter team Hong and Andrea Cao pitch Q-Flex, a personal acupressure device, in the Shark Tank Holiday episode. Andrea, who is only 13, invented the device to ease muscle pain by utilizing the ancient Chinese healing art of acupressure.  Similar in principle to acupuncture, acupressure is used to apply pressure to certain meridians or parts of […]


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Featured Interviews

hold your haunches update

Hold Your Haunches Update

When I spoke to Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer for a Hold Your Haunches update the Monday after their original air date in the Shark Tank "battle of the sexes" episode, I had no idea I'd be speaking to the latest Shark Tank success story! The ladies were punchy after a weekend of limited sleep and BIG … read more

screenmend update

Screenmend Update Interview

I spoke with Brian, Emma, and Lily Hooks recently to get a Screenmend update on what went down after Shark Tank. As a father of four girls, I was intrigued by their story (I really wanted to see how they got along OFF SCREEN)! The girls assured me they get along very well, and Brian concurred. In … read more

Fiberfix Fiber fix Fiberfix Update

Fiberfix Update Interview – Eric Child

It shouldn't take long for Shark Tank to broadcast a FiberFix update segment; the company is poised to explode and FiberFix is going to be the next ubiquitous item in homes everywhere. I spoke with Eric Child recently to get a quick FiberFix update interview after their segment aired. My suspicions … read more

drop stop update Marc Newburger Jeffrey Simon Lori Greiner episode 419

Drop Stop Update

When I spoke to Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon to get a Drop Stop update after they made a deal with Lori Greiner in episode 419, I found two guys who are having a BLAST being entrepreneurs and who are enjoying the glow of their 15 minutes of Shark Tank fame. I wanted to know all the usual things … read more

aaron krause

Aaron Krause Scrub Daddy Pre-Show Interview

Aaaron Krause is the guy who invented Scrub Daddy and will appear in the Shark Tank Friday in episode 407 to pitch his product. He has always been the "black sheep" of his family. After reading my preview the other day, Aaron agreed to a pre-show interview. I spoke with Aaron, an avid Philadelphia … read more

PostureNow posture correction device

PostureNow Review

PostureNow entrepreneurs Matt Franklin and  Mike Lane were funded by Mark Cuban who stood up straight and made a deal to help the Portland, Oregon area businessmen with their posture correction device. I asked a Chiropractor to review their product and pitch from a professional perspective.  Dr … read more

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