Shark Tank Season Seven Episodes

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WP Engine – The Web Host for Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

The folks at WP Engine know how real the Shark Tank effect is. When businesses appear on Shark Tank, they can literally explode overnight. For companies that appear on the show, their traffic has huge spikes during the show’s airing, and in many cases in the weeks that follow. Having a site crash due to massive Shark Tank-induced traffic […]

Gladiator Lacrosse – Soak Up the PR and Keep your Equity

Rachel Zietz, founder of Gladiator Lacrosse, rocked the Tank this week. This 15-year old entrepreneur was tired of practicing lacrosse on poor quality equipment and seized the opportunity to create something better. From concept to delivery, every detail was considered and the Sharks were very impressed. Why did Rachel walk away without a deal? It […]

Interview with Matthew Harris of EVP

I spoke with Matthew Harris, co-owner of EVP (Extreme Vehicle Protection) prior to his appearance on Shark Tank in episode 722 on May 13, 2016. He had a lot to say about the Sharks, building his business and the Genesis of the idea for his product. Of course he couldn’t talk about the outcome – […]

The Shock Clock by Pavlok

Maneesh Sethi hopes to shock a Shark when he introduces the Shock Clock by Pavlok, a wristband alarm clock and accompanying behavior modification system that uses electric shocks. The initial product, the Pavlok, got over a quarter of a million bucks in a very successful IndieGoGo campaign to get off the ground. Now Sethi wants a […]

Aaron Marino’s Bueno Hair

Aaron Marino didn’t get a deal for Alpha M Style System back in season four, but after that, he began developing Pete and Pedro Bueno Hair – hair care and grooming products for men. Marino is a men’s fashion guru who pitched a “system” that taught men how to dress and groom like a fashionista. […]

Chocolate Treats to “Cure” PMS – PMSBites

Tania Green, like many other women, suffers from PMS and she often found herself bingeing on chocolate treats to help cure the symptoms, so she made her own treats and called them PMSBites. She realized, after three years of tracking her moods, that her worst days were when she was suffering from PMS. On those […]

Hand Written Greeting Cards – Felt

Tomer Alpert thinks people in the digital age want more personalized communications, which is why he created Felt, an app that designs, prints, and mails hand written greeting cards users create on their iPhones. Alpert hopes to wow the Sharks with his business in the season 7 finale. He created the app, and the business, […]

Lacrosse Rebounder – Gladiator Lacrosse

Rachel Zietz spent a lot of time practicing with a lacrosse rebounder. She’s a girl who loves her sport and wants to be the best she can be. Unfortunately, when practicing lacrosse, you need a way for someone or something to “throw” the ball back to you. If a teammate isn’t available, you use a […]

Adult Summer Camp – Camp No Counselors

Camp No Counselors is an adult summer camp that lets “grown ups” relive their glory days of sleepover camp. Each camp session takes place in a real summer camp – outside the “traditional dates” when kids would be there. Campers can book weekend sessions in May or September in one of 9 metropolitan areas. Adult […]

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Funny Shark Tank Moments with Daymond John

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