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frill clothing update

Frill Clothing Update Interview

I spoke with Sharon Bui and Kate Steadman via Skype recently to get a Frill Clothing update on their business’ progress since they aired on Shark Tank episode 618. The two young women accepted a $100,000 investment from Barbara and Mr. Wonderful for 30% of the business. Their deal is nearly complete with the two Sharks and, […]

scott jordan scottevest on indie gogo

Scott Jordan and Scott E Vest on Indie GoGo

Scott E Vest on Indie GoGo? Isn’t the crowd funding platform used for start-ups seeking seed money? Scott Jordan, founder of Scott E Vest doesn’t think so and he’s using Indie GoGo to get back to where he started with his business. I spoke with Scott the day before his Indie GoGo campaign went live to […]

ashton-kutcher-techcrunch shark tank

Ashton Kutcher Guest Shark for Season 7

Ashton Kutcher will soon be saying “Dude, where’s my Shark Tank?” According to ABC: “On the upcoming seventh season of ABC’s hit series Shark Tank, Ashton Kutcher, 37, will serve as a “guest shark” for a limited time. The series will return on Sept. 25, however, Ashton’s stint has not been given a specified date just […]

bottlebright dark days

Dark Moments for BottleBright

I was intrigued by the nimble cleaning power of BottleBright for reusable containers. I had a lot of issues, however, with the Shark Tank segment. From the odd critiques from the Sharks to the presentation by entrepreneurs Justin Koehneke and Seth Friedman, I thought this was a very unusual segment. Critique of the BottleBright critiques “Nobody gives […]

shark wheels

Shark Wheels Inventor David Patrick Interview

While talking to David Patrick before he aired on Shark Tank in the season six finale, I was surprised to learn that Shark Wheels were invented by accident. He wasn’t seeking to “re-invent the wheel,” he was in the process of re-inventing the turbine. David founded a company called 4Sphere, which makes “alternating wake turbine […]

cat cafe

Cat Cafe – Gato Cafe

Adriana Montano channels her “inner crazy cat lady” in Shark Tank’s season six finale when she pitches Gato Cafe, her “cat cafe” concept. Montano likes cats and she likes the growing, world-wide trend of the cat cafe. Popular in Asia and gaining momentum in Europe, a cat cafe is just a coffee shop with a […]

3 wheel scooter

3 Wheel Scooter – Sway Motorsports

Joe Wilcox wowed the crowd at this year’s CES in Las Vegas when he showcased his 3 wheel scooter powered by lithium batteries. The three wheel tilting trike is the signature product for Wilcox’s Sway Motorsports. It’s designed for urban transportation and has more maneuverability than standard trikes and scooters. The secret is in the sway – […]

spike ball

New Game: Spike Ball

What do you get when you cross volleyball with foursquare – you get a whole new game: Spike Ball! Chris Ruder first created the game back in 2007 and since then, there are over a quarter million active players on over 1000 teams in the USA. Regional Spike Ball tournaments occur every year and a […]

new posture now 2

Get great posture NOW