Arm and Leg Warmers by Nice Pipes

Lisa Binderow created Nice Pipes arm and leg warmers to give herself a stylish yet comfortable way to keep her arms and legs warm while going to the yoga studio in chilly New York City. She’s a yoga enthusiast who wears her yoga pants a lot. Wool leg warmers kept her warm, but they scratched her […]

Mama’s Milk Box – Breast Feeding Style

Mama’s Milk Box creator Elena Petzold created the business she pitches on Shark Tank from another business. She had solid success with a company called Maternity Girl where she curated and sold fashionable maternity clothing at markets, trunk shows, and home parties. While doing so, she found an unmet demand for good-looking breast feeding clothing for […]

GreaseBags – Eco-Friendly Grease Disposal

GreaseBags inventor Latangela Newsome loves to cook, but hates cleaning up the grease that inevitably comes from cooking. Whether you’re cooking a burger in a pan, chicken in the oven, or bacon, there will be grease (especially with bacon). Getting rid of the grease is messy and inconvenient – that’s where GreaseBags come in. They’re a […]

Liquid Gold by Victory Coffee

Navy Seal sniper, TV Personality and motivational speaker Cade Courtley calls his Victory Coffee “liquid gold.” He developed a passion for a good cup of coffee when he was a Seal. He says it was the one thing that kept him grounded while in combat areas. He developed his business after leaving the service to […]

SHRU Intelligent Cat Companion by PDX Pet

Tara and Jason O’Mara show off their SHRU Intelligent Cat Companion in Shark Tank episode 813 and hope the Sharks like cats. The O’Maras love their cats, so they made a toy that cats go wild about. The SHRU mimics a live animal and has several adjustments for activity level and sound. Basically, it’s an […]

Dolls for Real Girls by Naturally Perfect

Jason and Angelica Sweeting want their girls to have dolls they can relate to. All too often, dolls are an unrealistic portrayal of femininity. The Sweetings, who are black, grew tired of buying dolls for their daughters that didn’t portray girls of color appropriately. “Black Barbie,” for instance, is basically Barbie with dark skin. That’s […]

Socks and Underwear from Basic Outfitters

Laura Dweck got so fed up with the condition of her husband Michael’s socks and underwear that she threw most of them away after they married in 2014. She couldn’t stand the old, hole-filled garments taking up valuable drawer space in their New York apartment. Like most guys, Michael holds on to his socks and […]

Letter from Santa – Sealed by Santa

Nothing says “Christmas” like Santa Claus and Sarah Blain has her business, Sealed by Santa, a company that sends children a letter from Santa, in the Shark Tank for the 2016 Holiday Special. Blain takes an old concept – the traditional letter from Santa – and brings it into the 21st century, complete with video! […]

Hand Out Gloves – Convertible Gloves

Jake Sullivan and Don Wildman – the oldest competitive Ironman triathlete in the world – seek a hand out from the Sharks when they pitch Hand Out Gloves in the Shark Tank Holiday Special. Winter is synonymous with holiday scenes and winter means gloves and mittens. Whether you’re out for a leisurely winter stroll, shoveling […]

Synthetic Ice by Poly Glide

Jim Loughran wants the back yard skating rink in any location, which is why he’s pitching Poly Glide to the Sharks in the Shark Tank holiday special. Nothing invokes images of winter and the holidays like people ice skating. The problem is, in most of the USA, outdoor skating rinks are either impossible or only […]

Digi Wrap – Custom Printed Wrapping Paper

Charlie Williams and Brad Boskovic want to change the way people wrap gifts when they pitch Digi Wrap, their custom printing process that makes any tissue wrapping paper completely customized with virtually any image. They think companies will rush to have their logos printed on gift wrap to help with building brands. Individuals can get […]

Sous Vide Cooking with Nomiku

If you are familiar with the Sous Vide method of cooking, you are going to LOVE Nomiku. Husband and wife team Abe and Lisa Fetterman pitch Nomiku, a smart phone app enabled cooking appliance, in episode 807. They raised over $1.3 million on Kickstarter to get two versions of their machine made and on the market. […]

Inboard – The M1 Electric Skateboard

Ryan Evans, Dave Evans, and Chris Haley of Inboard Technology get some Sharks to take a ride on their M1 Electric Skateboard when they pitch their business in Shark Tank episode 807. The M1 is an engineering marvel. The internal “Manta Drive” powers the rear wheels directly, creating the smoothest electric skateboard ride out there. […]

Nootro Box – Chewable Coffee & Nootropic Supplements

Michael Brandt and Geoffrey Woo created Nootro Box, their line of nootropic supplements, to enhance everything from their stamina to their memory. Nootropics is a term for “substances that improve cognitive function.” They are the latest rage with the Silicon Valley crowd who want to max out their creative capabilities. Silicon Valley venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz […]

Pet Plate – Home Made Dog Food

Renaldo Webb started Pet Plate, his freshly made dog food business, because he worked in the pet food industry and didn’t like what he saw. He pitches his products to the Sharks in Shark Tank episode 807. Many commercially available dog foods contain some nasty ingredients, and Renaldo decided to do something about it. Working […]

Fishing Line Cutters Rings

Like many fishermen, Vance Zahorski had problems fiddling with fishing line, especially while in his kayak, so he created Line Cutters – a ring that quickly and easily cuts fishing line without having to fumble with a knife or pliers. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” products fishermen LOVE. Vance also sells […]

Pup Box – Puppy Subscription Box

Ben and Ariel Zvaifler created Pup Box for their baby Maggie, whom they refer to as their “furdaughter.” Maggie is their dog and was their puppy. They found out the struggles of raising, training, and living with a new puppy. When they found it more exhausting to get the proper training tips, treats, and toys […]

Energy Bits – Algae-Based Food Supplement

Catherine Arnston started selling Energy Bits back in 2008. They’re an algae-based nutritional supplement that are “so nutritionally dense, they eliminate fatigue and hunger instantly. ” She claims they help athletes get more energy than energy drinks, gels, bars and supplements; and they get all these benefits in a tiny tablet that’s made primarily from algae. […]

Barbell Apparel – Pants for Athletes with Quads

Karl Workman created Barbell Apparel for people with big quads. Whether you are a serious weight lifter, bicyclist, or other athlete with muscular quads, you probably have a tough time finding jeans and pants that fit. This is why he set out to make pants for those types of people. Over a series of Kickstarter […]

MilkSnob Multi-Function Nursing Cover Up

German born entrepreneur Melanie Disbrow created MilkSnob when she couldn’t find a product that suited her needs. She wanted an infant car seat cover that performed multiple functions. A car seat cover keeps sun off babies’ sensitive skin, so it’s something a lot of mothers want. MilkSnob also doubles as a skirt-like nursing cover that allows […]

Jack’s Stands – Lemonade Stands Biz Opp

Nothing embodies American entrepreneurship than the thousands of lemonade stands that pop up every summer. A kid selling lemonade shows the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well. Unfortunately, some of these kids get shut down by local authorities who enforce health codes. Most ten-year-olds don’t know the ins and outs of business licenses and […]

ChiLantro Food Truck

Jae Kim hopes the third time is the charm when he pitches his ChiLantro food truck in Shark Tank episode 809. Kim tried out for the show three times  and finally made the cut in season eight. He also appeared in the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race in 2010. Kim was busy in 2010. […]

Toor – Smart Lockbox for Real Estate

Junior Desinor thinks his smart lockbox will change the way people buy and sell real estate. The lockbox and accompanying app make up Toor, Junior’s business that makes the real estate transaction process more open and accessible. Would-be buyers can schedule their own showings, Realtors can schedule specific showing times and sellers can see how […]

Eco Flower – Wood and Recycled Flowers

Meagan Chapman Bowman hopes to resurrect a business she started as a teen when she pitches Eco Flower, her wood and recycled flower business, to the Sharks in episode 808. Bowman was always traveling to dance competitions as a teen and decided to start selling flowers at the events so parents could give flowers to […]

Be Somebody – Experience Marketplace

Be Somebody founder Kash Shaikh wants to create a new venue for the sharing economy. He calls it an experience marketplace. The concept is simple: if you have a talent other people want to know more about or experience directly, you share your talent for a fee with those seeking your knowledge. Users pay you for […]

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