A Visit to Nardo’s Natural

Nardo’s Natural, funded by Barbara Corcoran on The Shark Tank earlier this season, is located in Clearwater, Florida. It just so happens I am vacationing in Florida with my family this week. On Monday, the wife and kids went to Adventure Island. I opted to tour a hot dog cart factory and go meet up […]

Shark Tank- Saturday April 21

The Shark Tank has yet another re-run in store for Saturday, April 21. This is a re-play of the first episode for season three.  The Sharks appearing tonight are Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary. Travis Perry is very well liked by his fellow Shark Tank entrepreneurs; nearly every entrepreneur I […]

Shark Tank – Friday April 20

The Shark Tank on Friday, April 20 is a re-run from season two. Next Friday, April 27 will bring a new show, but tonight and tomorrow are repeats.  The Sharks in “Episode 204” are Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary. Origaudio is first into the Shark Tank, pitching The Rocket, which turns […]

CBS Foods: Chef Big Shake Interview

Chef Big Shake (real name Shawn Davis) wants to make his Shrimp Burgers a household staple all across the USA. Shawn, and his company CBS Foods, were featured on last Friday’s Shark Tank re-run. Shawn was looking for one of the Sharks to help him roll out nationally. One by one, all the Sharks went […]

Friday April 13 Shark Tank Episode 308

Shark Tank fans can’t help but be excited about this Friday’s show- it’s the first new episode in three weeks. Hopefully, Friday the 13th won’t be bad karma for the entrepreneurs scheduled to appear. The Sharks in “Episode 308” this week are Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary. While this […]

The Smart Baker has Something Cooking

The Smart Baker cut a deal with Barbara Corcoran earlier this season on The Shark Tank. Even though the deal never went through, the husband and wife team of Daniel and Stephanie Rensing have enjoyed lots of success after they appeared on the show. Their re-usable cupcake towers have been a big hit with specialty […]

Sullivan Generator

Sullivan Generators has fascinated and confounded me for the past week and a half. Ever since the press release for this week’s Shark Tank was released, I have been trying to find something about this company/inventor/product online. I am not having any luck. The press release for this entrepreneur states: “a versatile inventor from San […]

Entrepreneurs Make Money Online

Shark Tank fan or not, when most people hear or read the term “make money online,” they get visions of some quick buck artist selling some hinky “system” designed to guarantee riches beyond your wildest dreams for just two or three hours of work per day. You’ve seen the long sales letters online, or perhaps […]

The Shark Tank- Friday April 6

  Shark Tank on Friday April 6 features a re-run of a show originally aired on March 20, 2011. The Sharks in “Episode 205” are Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary; Cuban was actually a “guest shark” for this episode. This re-run features the original air date for Copadivino, who will […]

Blondie’s Cookies Preview

Blondie’s Cookies is an entrant into the Shark Tank on April 13, the next time a new show airs. Entrepreneur Brenda Coffman will be seeking an investment from the Sharks to fund expansion of her growing cookie empire. Coffman started Blondie’s Cookies while attending Indiana State University as a business student back in 1984. She […]

Arlene Battishill Interview

Arlene Battishill, one half of the GoGoGear gals, was kind enough to chat with me for an hour or so today. I wanted to hear about her experiences on the show, and she took time out of her very busy schedule to share insights on an entrepreneur’s life after Shark Tank. Arlene was gracious enough to […]

Viewsport Preview

Viewsport is the latest apparel related business to jump into the Shark Tank. We have seen “technology enabled clothing” on the Shark Tank and now Viewsport brings us “Sweat Activated Technology.” Created in 2009 by Ben Wood, chemist and Head Coach, Viewsport sells a line of  tee shirts, tank tops, shorts and sweats that display an image on […]

Copadivino Preview

Copadivino makes Shark Tank history as the first company to pitch for a second time on the Shark Tank. While many entrepreneurs have been on the show twice with their original segment and a follow up, this is the first time an entrepreneur who has walked away from a deal with the Sharks returns for […]

Toygaroo Bankruptcy

Toygaroo got a lot of buzz after being funded in season two of the Shark Tank. Last week, the episode featuring Toygaroo was repeated on Saturday night, so there was increased interest in the company here on the SharkTankBlog. While researching for a follow-up post, I came across some puzzling things. I noticed Toygaroo’s Facebook, […]

Hanging Out With Daymond John

Daymond John, the FUBU founder, fashion mogul and Shark Tank Shark has been very visible the past few weeks. Hardly a day goes by without a news story about Daymond speaking to some sort of group. He has spoken at many colleges and he even virtually addressed a nationwide group of high school students last […]

The Shark Tank- Friday March 30

Shark Tank Friday night is here! Even though tonight’s show is a re-run, I am still pumped. usually, we draw our weekly free give away Friday night, but we are going to wait until Saturday this week since there is a re-run tomorrow. The past week has allowed me to speak with lots of people, […]

Granola Gourmet

Granola Gourmet originally swam in the Shark Tank in season 1 and was not funded.  The company is the featured follow up segment on this week’s repeat Shark Tank episode from season two. Entrepreneur Jeff Cohen developed his line of Granola Gourmet Ultimate Energy bars in his own kitchen to create a natural energy bar […]

Vurtego Pogo Sticks

The Shark Tank is always “jumping,” and it will be even more so with one of this week’s entrepreneurs. Vurtego Pogo Sticks take a childhood standard toy and amp it up to the extreme. Creator Brian Spencer’s supercharged pogo sticks bounced into the Shark Tank looking for $500,000  for a 20% stake in the company. Vurtego […]

First Defense had Sharks Fighting

  The Shark Tank can be a very scary place to be for an entrepreneur. Whether Joe Moore was afraid or not when he entered the Shark Tank, he left with a smile on his face and the satisfaction of knowing he got the biggest offer in Shark Tank history. Joe was seeking $500,000 for […]

Amazing Zit Zapper Seeks Appearance

Shark Tank entrepreneurs have all kinds of ideas for a variety of products and services. We usually don’t hear about applicants to the Shark Tank, that is until today. The Amazing Zit Zapper was invented by entrepreneur Ray Skarbowski 40 years ago and he’s finally bringing it to market. I had the opportunity to chat […]

Wake n’ Bacon No Shark Tank Deal

  Wake n Bacon is the world’s only alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of this breakfast treat- because the clock cooks your food as it wakes you. As the old saying goes, “everything is better with bacon,” unless you’re a Shark Tank investor. Wake-n-Bacon inventor Matty Sallin sought a $40,000 investment for […]

Toygaroo Update

  Nikki Pope, Toygaroo founder, appeared on Shark Tank in Season 2. Pope billed Toygaroo as “the Netflix for toys.” Basically, for a monthly fee, Toygaroo will send new (to you) toys for your child to play with; if your kid really likes a toy, you can opt to purchase it at a discounted price. […]

The Shark Tank- Saturday March 24

Tonight’s Shark Tank Episode is a re-run originally aired on January 20, 2012. Entrepreneurs include My Wonderful Life, Easy VIP, Business Ghost, and Clean Bottle. The follow up segment features Origaudio. On ABC tonight at 8PM EST. Last night’s Shark Tank was wild and wacky, with only one entrepreneur, GoGo Gear getting funded. There were many […]

Shark Tank Friday- March 23

  Shark Tank is on tonight! Is it just me, or is Shark Tank one of the best reasons to love Fridays? There is quite a bit going on in this Blog. Interviews with entrepreneurs, setting up targeted advertising campaigns, site upgrades, and of course, our weekly free giveaway! This week’s prize is a Show […]

Go GoGo Gear, GO!

GoGo Gear is an entrant into the Shark Tank Friday night. I am a fan of the show because I’m an entrepreneur and, like most fans, I like to watch the Sharks go at it. I already reviewed GoGoGear earlier this week, but another reason I am interested in this entrepreneur is I am a scooter […]

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