Beyond the Shark Tank

beyond the tank

Shark Tank fans are finally getting what they’ve been asking for for years: a look at what happens Beyond the Shark Tank! Each week, entrepreneurs put their businesses on the line in front of a panel of wealthy Shark investors and the drama unfolds. Successes and failures abound and the stories behind each business often […]

Shark Books Contest

shark books

ONCE AGAIN, WE ARE GIVING AWAY SOME SHARK BOOKS!Shark Tank Blog’s LAST CONTEST for season six features four Shark Books written by the Sharks themselves. Past contest winners have actually gone on to appear on the show! Whether you are an entrepreneur or just a fan of Shark Tank, the Shark books are chock full of valuable […]

Shark Wheels Inventor David Patrick Interview

shark wheels

While talking to David Patrick before he aired on Shark Tank in the season six finale, I was surprised to learn that Shark Wheels were invented by accident. He wasn’t seeking to “re-invent the wheel,” he was in the process of re-inventing the turbine. David founded a company called 4Sphere, which makes “alternating wake turbine […]

Cat Cafe – Gato Cafe

cat cafe

Adriana Montano channels her “inner crazy cat lady” in Shark Tank’s season six finale when she pitches Gato Cafe, her “cat cafe” concept. Montano likes cats and she likes the growing, world-wide trend of the cat cafe. Popular in Asia and gaining momentum in Europe, a cat cafe is just a coffee shop with a […]

3 Wheel Scooter – Sway Motorsports

3 wheel scooter

Joe Wilcox wowed the crowd at this year’s CES in Las Vegas when he showcased his 3 wheel scooter powered by lithium batteries. The three wheel tilting trike is the signature product for Wilcox’s Sway Motorsports. It’s designed for urban transportation and has more maneuverability than standard trikes and scooters. The secret is in the sway – […]

New Game: Spike Ball

spike ball

What do you get when you cross volleyball with foursquare – you get a whole new game: Spike Ball! Chris Ruder first created the game back in 2007 and since then, there are over a quarter million active players on over 1000 teams in the USA. Regional Spike Ball tournaments occur every year and a […]

Square Wheels – SharkWheel


Wheels are supposed to be round, but SharkWheel inventor David Patrick doesn’t think so! He spent a long time coming up with the first square wheel for skateboards and went through a lot of failures. Once, he ordered $10,000 worth of useless wheels from a manufacturer, but he, along with business partner and former tennis […]

Wine in the Shark Tank

Zipz VS Copa Wine

 ZIPZ  Wine vs. Copa Di Vino Wine Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane with Copa Di Vino wine. Just typing the company name makes me cringe remembering the exchanges between Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) and James Martin during Copa Di Vino’s two appearances in the Tank. This season we were introduced to a new player […]

Personalized Action Figures – You Kick Ass

you kick ass action figures

Action figures are a ubiquitous toy in the USA. Just about every movie aimed at kids comes complete with a line of action figures to further the brand and increase revenue for the franchise. I know someone who has a Star Wars action figure collection appraised at over $1 million! Keri Andrews and Alesia Glidewell […]

Sun Screen Misting Stations

sun screen mist

If you’ve ever gone to the beach and forgotten sun screen, Tony Fayne and Josh Kaplan have the solution. They invented Sunscreen Mist, a sunscreen application station for beaches, amusement parks, and just about any other outdoor venue you can imagine. Only about one-third of people properly apply sunscreen when participating in outdoor activities; this leads […]

Virtual Interior Design – ZOOM


Madeline Fraser, Elizabeth Grover, and Beatrice Fischel-Bock think Zoom Interiors is the next step in interior design. The three young women created their virtual interior design service to provide an alternative to expensive, $400-$600 an hour designers. Their online platform creates a profile of what a customer wants for a particular room based on a […]

Synthetic Cadavers – SynDaver


Entrepreneur Christopher Sakezles commented to me that he wants people to tune in to episode 625 to watch him pitch SynDaver Labs so they can see “what happens when a mad scientist runs a business!” SynDaver Labs makes synthetic human cadavers for medical research and – not surprisingly – TV and movie medical dramas. The cadavers […]

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