Shopify eCommerce Solution for Shark Tank Businesses


The Shopify ecommerce solution is one of the most robust platforms available on the market. More than half the businesses appearing on Shark Tank use Shopify, which is a testimony to its quality. Recently, the folks at Shopify submitted this guest post to highlight some of the things that make the Shopify ecommerce platform THE CHOICE […]

Shark Tank: My Response to a Common Question

case stack display

  This guest post was written by Julie Busha, Food Marketing Pro extraordinaire at Nicole Foods, the makers of America’s hottest new condiment: Slawsa. If you are an entrepreneur with a food product you want to market, take my advice: look at what Julie has done with Slawsa in only one year with a limited […]

Striper Lures – World Record Striper Company

striper lures

Greg Myerson doesn’t usually go Shark fishing, but he will when he pitches his patented striper lures in Shark Tank episode 626. Myerson is a living legend in the fishing world and he holds the record for the largest striped bass ever caught: 81.8 pounds. Striped bass, once a highly protected species, are plentiful in the […]

Air Pod Compressed Air Car – Zero Pollution Motors

air pod compressed air car

Ethan Tucker believes the future of motor vehicles is his Air Pod, a car powered by compressed air. Tucker’s company, Zero Pollution Motors, is the USA “Dealer – Manufacturer – Partner” of Luxembourg-based MDI (Motor Development International), the company that developed the compressed air engine that powers the Air Pod. Tucker is taking deposits for Air Pods […]

Paleo Diet Bar

paleo diet bar

Shauna Sledge is no stranger to health and nutrition, this is what led her to spend “countless hours in a commercial kitchen week after week” developing the Paleo Diet Bar. Shauna, along with husband Todd, are into the cross fit scene and are proponents of the Paleo Diet: a diet based on the notion that […]

Interchangeable Eyeglasses – Frameri

interchanging eyeglasses

Frameri founder Konrad Billetz became acquainted with eyeglasses after he lived the cliche about BB guns: “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” When he was 11, his friend shot him in the eye with a BB gun, causing him to need to wear corrective lenses. Being an 11 year old boy, he ripped through eyeglasses […]

High Tech Insoles – Noene USA

noene usa

Byron Scott, a retired NFL linebacker, pitches Noene USA, a line of high-tech insoles, to the Sharks in episode 624. Noene USA is a subsidiary of a Swiss company that produces the world’s thinnest and (as they claim) best shock absorbing insoles on the market today. Scott secured what amounts to a distribution agreement for […]

Custom Fan Magazines – Zine Pak

zine pak

Kim Kaupe and Brittany Hodak took the old fan magazine (Fanzine) concept into the new millennium with Zine Pak (pronounced ZEEN PACK). The women are New York advertising execs who’ve taken an idea and executed it perfectly. The describe Zine Pak as an “audience engagement platform.” Basically, they put together a custom, glossy magazine for […]

American Men’s Clothing – Buck Mason

men's clothing

Sasha Koehn and Erik Shnakenberg are trying to brand an iconic, All-American men’s clothing line and they hope a Shark will give them a boost in episode 624. The vibe they’re looking for is an existential, modern-day brindle stiff: the lost archetype of the independent, sensitive, rough-hewn, hard-working American male. The clothes reflect that effort. Buck Mason […]

Bar Stool Reservations – SnagaStool

Bar Stool Reservations

When Detroit native Jamie Manning came to Boston, he made bar stool reservations by paying someone to save him a seat at his favorite bar so he’d have a good seat for a Bruins playoff game. That’s how SnagaStool was born. He got together with Adriano Varassin and they created an App that saves seats at […]

Melni Connectors: Key Ingredients of a Successful Pitch

melni connectors

Melni Connectors walked away with a coveted deal from Mark Cuban, but they came dangerously close to wasting this golden ticket in front of the Sharks. The Sharks unanimously bashed their presentation. As potential investors, the Sharks need to understand the product and its potential. Let’s look at the key ingredients in a successful pitch. […]

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