Barbara Corcoran & Lori Greiner on Shark Tank Podcast

T.J. Hale is the producer of the Shark Tank Podcast. He and I share a lot in common: we both watch Shark Tank and we both talk to the Sharks and entrepreneurs who appear on the show. He might be the only person in the world who’s spoken with as many Shark Tank entrepreneurs as […]

Bouqs Review

I received a dozen roses for my wife today so I could do a Bouqs review for my readers. I sent my mom a bouquet from Bouqs for Mother’s Day and she LOVED her flowers (what mother doesn’t), but a dozen roses for my wife would be a firsthand test and allow me to do […]

Shark Tank Season Six Premiere

ABC has announced the Shark Tank Season six premiere. Everyone’s favorite venture capital reality show returns Friday, September 26 at 8 PM EST and it will be a two hour special episode. Whether it’s one complete, 2 hour show or just a “double dose” is unclear at this time; ABC didn’t release many details – […]

Spy Escape Update with Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson, who scored a deal with Daymond to grow his Spy Escape and Evasion course in episode 520, lived out his childhood fantasies while working for the CIA. Now, as an entrepreneur and Shark Tank success story, he’s living a different fantasy. When he was in the Tank, Jason asked the Sharks for $100,000 […]

New York Shark Tank Casting Call – Part 2

It was evident at the recent New York Shark Tank Casting Call that not all ideas are big.  The casting directors from Shark Tank were buried in a flurry of small ones. Shark Tank Casting Call Standouts Think about the jibbitz buttons you put in your kid’s croc shoes…only it’s a single plastic disc that […]

Shark Tank Losers – Think Again

Do you hope you see Shark Tank losers when you tune in every week? Do you secretly hope for a “train wreck” pitch? Did you cringe watching the re-run of Copa Di Vino’s owner James Martin? Whether or not you like James Martin, he’s NOT one of the Shark Tank Losers: Copa Di Vino is […]

Summer Slawsa – Update from Julie Busha

This summer Slawsa should be on everyone’s shopping list if you’re serving hot dogs and hamburgers for cookouts. It’s a true “all in one” condiment for hot dogs and it adds a nice taste to burgers too. Since connecting with Julie several years ago, she’s quadrupled her distribution to over 7200 stores and counting. I […]

New York Casting Call – Part 1

Shark Tank fan Viki Reed recently attended the New York Casting Call for Shark Tank Season 6 and wrote this, the first in a series, of guest posts: This week, the New York open casting call  for season six  of ABC’s “Shark Tank” was hosted by  New York’s Small Business Expo.  There were just two casting directors […]

Shark Tank Tuesday – June 17

Shark Tank Tuesday has been a big hit for CNBC and a big hit for the businesses that re-run on Tuesday nights. For many newer Shark Tank fans, Shark Tank Tuesday is the first opportunity to see the season 1 shows, most of which haven’t re-aired in several years. For the past few weeks, the […]

Shark Tank Mompreneurs

There are a bunch of Shark Tank Books out there and the latest is Shark Tank Mompreneurs Take a Bite Out of Publicity by Rachel Olsen. Rachel runs the website Best Mom Products and she interviewed 5 Shark Tank Mompreneurs (I call them “momtrepreneurs” but you get the idea) about how they analyzed and evaluated media and the […]

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