January Re-Runs on ABC

ABC has new Shark Tank shows on a brief hiatus as they dish up 4 January re-runs for fans. Basically, between Friday, January 23rd and Sunday, February 1st, Shark Tank fans will get January re-runs of all the October shows. ABC has a special Tuesday night Shark Tank and a double header scheduled on Super Bowl […]

Valentines Day Bouqs Review

I recently received a dozen roses from the nice people at Bouqs so I could do a Valentines Day Bouqs review. Bouqs appeared on Shark Tank in season five; they didn’t get a deal, but they’re selling a lot of flowers! In case you forgot, Bouqs hand cuts flower orders right from the fields in […]

Lori’s All Stars

Lori Grenier has a special update segment in episode 613 called “Lori’s All Stars.” Six businesses Lori invested in are highlighted and they include some of the most successful Shark Tank products in the show’s history. Lori’s All Stars are: Scrub Daddy, ReadeRest, Drop Stop, FiberFix, ScreenMend, and Invisiplug. Lori always says: “I know immediately […]

Real Estate Crowdfunding – Tycoon RE

Real Estate crowdfunding is a relative newcomer to the crowdfunding space. Kickstarter, Indie Go Go and other crowdfunding sites have revolutionized business investing, but until now, Real Estate crowdfunding was not legal. That all changed in 2012 with the passage of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. Now, real estate developers and investors can […]

Green Pizza Box – Green Box

Ned Kensing and Jennifer Wright-Laracy want to change the way America enjoys take-out pizza with Green Box, their “green” pizza box. They pitch Green Box in Shark Tank episode 620. The product itself is actually packaging and it’s the only (so far) product the “parent” company, Ecovention, produces. It’s known as “the pizza box of […]

Almond Water – Victoria’s Kitchen

Deborah and David Meniane pitch David’s grandma’s almond water recipes when they seek an investment from the Sharks in episode 620. The Menianes, immigrants from France, always made the light, refreshing beverages at home; they began bottling almond water in 2011 when friends kept asking them to make some for them. Even though the recipe […]

K9 Energy Bars – Turbo Pup

Kristina Guerrero, a decorated former Air Force Pilot, and her dog Odin pitch Turbo PUP, an energy bar for dogs, in Shark Tank episode 619. The business name, Turbo PUP, is a spin on the type of planes she used to fly: C-130 TurboPROPS. Guerrero, now retired from active duty, spends a lot of time outdoors […]

Custom Tailored Suits – Bello Verde

Many athletes and celebrities wear custom tailored suits and entrepreneur Joseph Chay has one of each in his corner when he pitches Bello Verde to the Sharks in episode 619. UFC fighter Uriah Faber and Actor Dean Cain, presumably dressed in one of Bello Verde’s custom tailored suits, will join Mr. Chay when he faces […]

Book Lamp – Lumio

Max Gunawan pitches Lumio, a self-described “book lamp,” in Shark Tank episode 619. He didn’t set out to create a book lamp at first; Max is an architect who was conceptualizing a modular folding home when he scaled down due to lack of funding. He was thinking of ways to make an LED lighting fixture […]

Sticky Ties Interview

Sticky Ties wasn’t the first business partnership Ellie Brown and Becca Nelson cooked up. The sisters’ first business was a bit simpler, but just as serious. I caught up with Ellie and Becca prior to their appearance on a special Tuesday night Shark Tank on January 13. They were frantic – it seems ABC told […]

Bottle Cleaner – Bottle Bright

Water bottles are not new to the Shark Tank, but a water bottle cleaner is. “Vermontrepreneurs” Seth Friedman and Justin Koehneke hope to clean up in the Shark Tank when they pitch Bottle Bright, their environmentally friendly, non- toxic, water bottle cleaner in episode 607. Friedman and Koehneke created the idea for Bottle Bright while out […]

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