Un Pack Travel Suitcase Delivery with a Twist

Aaron Liskov and Andrew Zahornacky traveled so much for business, they never had time to unpack, that’s why they created Un Pack. It’s a service that delivers a fully packed suitcase to your travel destination. They have winter coats, hats and gloves for folks traveling to chilly destinations that don’t want to pack bulky items. […]

Lulu Bang Sauce

For Ashley, Kelly, and Jorrae Beard, their Lulu Bang sauce is truly a family affair. They learned to cook, and make their various sauces, from family matriarch Joyce Beard. They even ran a restaurant in Philadelphia, Joyce’s Soulful Cuisine, named after her. Lulu Bang Sauce is named after their brother, Michael Anthony “Lulu Bang” Beard. […]

#Merica Shirts by Sandilake Clothing

Melissa Lay shouldn’t be afraid of the Sharks when she pitches Sandilake Clothing in Shark Tank episode 806. She has a classic David versus Goliath story that makes the Sharks look like guppies. In early 2015, she was selling shirts with the word #Merica emblazoned over an American flag. She sold the shirt on her website […]

Sili Dog Glow in the Dark Dog Tags

Sili Dog creator Mikey Lickstein is a dog lover and entrepreneur. After getting a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida, he decided to create a business that revolved around his love for our canine companions. After a horrific incident when his friend witnessed and rescued a dog thrown from a moving car, Lickstein […]

Microwave Grabber and more – Safe Grabs

Safe Grabs inventor Cyndi Lee was always burning her fingers on hot dishes coming out of the microwave. This life-long affliction ultimately led her to invent Safe Grabs (formerly Micro Easy Grab), an 8-in-1 tool for dishes and bowls. Its primary function is safely grabbing hot plates out of the microwave, but it also acts […]

Parker’s Maple Syrup

Joshua Parker, Creator of Parker’s Maple Syrup, is a study in slow growth for a business. Back in 2009, Josh learned how to make real maple syrup on a school field trip. He set out to build his own sugar shack, which at first was little more than a tarp. A few years later, he […]

Sole Mates for High Heels

Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown, the founders of Sole Mates, know a thing or two about business. They both have MBA’s from Colombia and they’re both former Goldman Sachs executives. They decided to leave the corporate world and start a business in 2009, when they founded Sole Mates. Both women express a passion for shoes. […]

Biem Butter Sprayer

Before inventing the Biem butter sprayer, entrepreneur Doug Foreman founded the Guiltless Gourmet and Beanitos brand snacks. He knows a thing or two about business, but running a consumer snack food company and a kitchen appliance company are two different things. That’s why he’s coming to the Shark Tank in episode 803: to get some help […]

Whetstone Chocolate Factory – Atlantic Candy

The Atlantic Candy Company is an old, established family business in St. Augustine, Florida. The business is Whetstone Chocolate and it was established by candy industry pioneer Hank Whetstone Jr. Mr. Whetstone holds many patents for candy making machines and produced candy for virtually every major brand at the factory over the years. Hank’s son, Jared, is in […]

Do Valuations Matter?

This guest post on valuations was written by Dan Casey of PurchaseOrderFinancing.Com During negotiations with the Sharks, no amount of experience and passion can bridge the gap when an entrepreneur can’t explain why the company is worth the valuation. Valuation tells prospective investors the potential worth of the company in the future. It’s the cost […]

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