Smart Baker Follow Up Interview

The Smart Baker is the place to buy measurement conversion products, pre-cut parchment paper, and re-usable cupcake towers. I spoke with Daniel Rensing today, half of the husband and wife team behind The Smart Baker. They were recently funded by Barbara Corcoran on The Shark Tank. Or so I thought. It seems that the deal […]

Show No Shelly Ehler Re-run

Shelly Ehler, the California mom, ex-teacher, and entrepreneur who had one of the most successful Shark Tank pitches to date will have another whack at Prime Time when her episode re-runs on a special Saturday night addition of Shark Tank.  Shelly Ehler is the creator of the ShowNo Towel, the poncho-like towel that allows kids […]

Daymond John Interview

Daymond John is a dynamic shark on The Shark Tank TV show. He used to be best known as the founder of FUBU, but now the name Daymond John is more identified with the Shark Tank. He brings a solid knowledge and tons of experience to the concept of branding in the Shark Tank. Building […]

Kisstixx Lip Balm Product Review

Kisstixx is the lip balm product recently funded by Mark Cuban on The Shark Tank. It’s a two pack of flavored lip balms that create a chemical reaction when two people kiss. Entrepreneurs Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo are two young guys who met in college and developed Kisstixx  to protect their lips while snowboarding […]

Jared Joyce An Inventor’s Life After Shark Tank

Jared Joyce knows the Shark Tank has developed a huge audience. What makes the Shark Tank so appealing to so many people? I like the abrupt and sometimes borderline viciousness of the Sharks. The banter amongst the panel of Sharks is one of the reasons people watch the show, but it’s the entrepreneurs who make or […]

Shelly Ehler ShowNo Interview

I spoke with Shelly Ehler of ShowNo, the entrepreneur who made Shark Tank history by being funded on the spot when her segment aired. My favorite Shark wrote her a check and agreed to help Shelly bring her business to new heights. Shelly’s product, The ShowNo has received a lot of press and Shelly herself […]

Win a FREE ScotteVest

We are delighted to announce this week’s Shark Tank Blog giveaway: A Free ScotteVest! Scott Jordan, who made waves a few weeks ago by getting into it with Mark Cuban and riled the Sharks because he wouldn’t give up a portion of his retail business as part of the deal, has been gracious enough to provide […]

Vinamor Wine Aerator Preview

Just several weeks after the Wine Balloon debuted, another wine product finds its way into the Shark Tank; it’s called The Vinamor Wine Aerator. There is not much “out there” about this product, was invented by Gary DeJohn (the “contact” tab on the Vinamor website points to his Facebook page). Vinamor Wine Aerator lets wine breathe […]

Tower Paddle Boards Preview

Tower Paddle Boards founder Stephan Aarstol may already be swimming with sharks as he paddles around on one of his paddle boards near his retail shop in San Diego, but not the kind of sharks that are in the Shark Tank.  Stephan Aarstol opened Tower Paddle Boards in 2010 due to his keen observation that “Paddle boards” […]

Instant Lifts Preview

Nick LaRosa & Penilopee LaRosa will be diving into the Shark Tank this Friday night to pitch their product called Instant Lifts. What this product does is remove the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles on the legs, arms, and even the tummy. The Instant Lifts website is loaded with “before and after” pictures which show some pretty […]

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