Miso Music Aviv Grill Shark Tank Preview

Miso Music is the second technology centric entrant into the Shark Tank this week. It’s an app that teaches you how to play music! Miso Music, part of Miso Media,  is the brainchild of Mr. Aviv Grill and his partners, Joselle Ho and Ryan Tsukamoto. Mr. Grill’s dad was a recording engineer and his mom was an […]

Lori Greiner Bringing It

Lori Greiner, QVC Queen and my favorite shark, is giving Mark Cuban a real run for his money. She’s only been on a handful of shows, yet she has invested nearly as much cash in new entrepreneurs as Mark has- and he’s on every week. To date, Lori has invested around $525,000, or roughly one […]

Litter Jewelry Follow Up and Video

I predicted Litter Jewelry would not get funded on last night’s Shark Tank. That was Monday’s prediction. On Tuesday, I learned from a reliable source their website was to be re-launched Thursday night in anticipation of the show and the web traffic that would ensue. That information made me change my mind, but I opted […]

Rent a Grandma Shark Tank Preview

Rent a Grandma will be jumping into The Shark Tank on Friday; the big question on everyone’s mind is will Grandma get funded or will she be a “meal” for the Sharks? Founded by Mr. Todd Pliss, Rent a Grandma is a terrific example of the best entrepreneurial strategy of all: find a need and […]

Follow Up Donny McCall Invis-A-Rack

I spoke with Donny McCall the other night. He’s the guy who invented Invis-A-Rack, the fold away pick up truck rack he invented after his wife gave him some guff about going out on the town in a truck with permanent work racks affixed to the top. I can identify with that sentiment; when I […]

The Original Profender Shark Tank Preview

On Friday night, the creator of The Original Profender will be the first entrepreneur to try to slam dunk into The Shark Tank. What is the Profender? It’s a basketball training tool. Inventor Tony Devine came up with the idea for The Profender while trying to find a basketball training tool for his son. After […]

Nardo’s Natural

Four brothers from the Tampa area will be jumping in The Shark Tank on Friday night. The Mastronardo boys, who own Nardo’s Naturals, hope to get one of the sharks to invest in their line of organic, all natural skin care products.  It seems a bit strange (to me anyways) to have four guys representing an […]

Scott Jordan: TEC and ScotteVest Part Three

I had the opportunity to speak with Scott Jordan, the Technology Enabled Clothing entrepreneur who appeared on last Friday’s Shark Tank. This is the third in a series of three posts based on that discussion. One thing he agreed with is the publicity power of appearing on the Shark Tank. Every entrepreneur who appears on […]

Litter Jewelry Preview

Litter Jewelry, Mackenzie Burdick & Rachael Mann Litter has been on the Shark Tank before, but it was Kitty Litter, not Litter Jewelry! One of this week’s entrepreneurs is the team of Mackenzie Burdick and Rachael Mann. The gals, who are sisters, make all kinds of jewelry out of reclaimed items from stuff they find […]

Correction on Today’s Earlier Post on Scott Jordan

In part two of my Shark Tank Scottevest three part series of posts based on my conversations with Scott Jordan, I’d like to correct the following paragraph which appeared in the original post: “Actually, Scott Jordan has only taken adversarial legal action twice with regards to his clothing patents. In one case, there is a Chinese company […]

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