Daymond John Jumps in a Different Shark Tank

Daymond John has partnered with Edison Nation to fund promising entrepreneurs with “the next big thing.” Edison Nation recently gained a lot of Shark Tank related exposure with the appearance of Jared Joyce on last week’s show. Jared didn’t do a deal with the sharks, but he ended up doing a deal with Edison Nation. The […]

TEC: Technology Enabled Clothing

Of all the entrpreneurs to be featured this week on The Shark Tank, Technology Enabled Clothing probably has the largest amount of pre-show hype and controversy. Before I go into that, let’s see exactly what TEC (short fot Technology Enabled Clothing) is all about. This is a clothing line of Personal Area Network jackets that are […]

Kisstixx Lip Balm

Kisstixx lip balm is the brainchild of two Utah entrepreneurs: Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo. Their invention resulted from some amateur chemistry experiments at Utah Valley University, where the pair met. Their goal was to make kissing a little more “interesting.” Their product is a kind of re-invention of lip balm, like the eponymous “chapstick,” […]

The Smart Baker

Another swimmer in this coming Friday’s Shark Tank is The Smart Baker. This company was founded in 2009 by husband and wife Daniel and Stephanie Rensing. They both like to cook and they were always struggling with measurement conversions. As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” One day Daniel presented Stephanie with […]

The Last Lid Follow Up

I write this blog for many reasons, as does my partner, Kirk. First and foremost, we both love the Shark Tank show for its weekly mini dramas surrounding each entrepreneur. We also like the different Sharks, their personalities, and their stories. Both Kirk and I have owned multiple businesses in our lives and we decided to team […]

Jared Joyce After Show Videos

Jared Joyce is perhaps the best example to date of how to use the Shark Tank as a promotional vehicle both before and after the show has been aired. Pre- show, he produced his own teaser video.  He also did a live streaming broadcast during and after the show and he continues to promote both himself […]

Jared Joyce Update

Jared Joyce, the inventor of 5 Minute Furniture and many other items, appeared on Shark Tank last week. He was one of the more animated and engaging entrepreneurs of the season so far, and I think he may be one of the smartest. I predicted he would get funded, but I was wrong. He didn’t, […]

Heat Helper Spoiler Alert

The Heat Helper will be featured on this Friday’s Episode of  the Shark Tank TV Show on ABC. The device takes the heated exhaust from any electric dryer (it will not work on gas dryers) and recycles it to the interior of your home. Their website claims a single load of laundry can suck the warmth out […]

Twitter Bits from #Sharktank TV Shows

The Shark Tank feeding frenzy typically starts at around 7:30 PM eastern time- a half hour before the show starts. That’s when the sharks start tweeting at #Sharktank. The tweets fly fast and furious, but the sharks do answer questions from “regular folks” throughout the half hour preceding the show. If it weren’t for tweaking […]

Raven Thomas & The Painted Pretzel

Raven Thomas founder, The Painted Pretzel is my pick to send Shark Tank fans online immediately to order her specialty Gourmet Pretzels. The last time an event happened like what I’m anticipating tonight, was caused by Barbara Corcoran’s investment in Kim Nelson’s Daisy Cakes. She had over 70,000 visits in the first three minutes of […]

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