Jared Joyce, Inventor: Mad Genius or Shark Bait

Fans and followers of the Shark  Tank have surely seen Jared Joyce’s video from Kirk’s post yesterday.  It is unclear- probably intentionally so- exactly what Jared will be pitching to the sharks. This is somewhat unusual for the shark tank since most entrepreneurs have one specific product to pitch. Kirk guessed he’d be pitching his […]

M3 Girl Designs

M3 Girl Designs is run by the mother/daughters team of Diane, Maddie, and Margot Bradshaw. The trio of female entrepreneurs appeared on Shark Tank and embodied one of the more curious business on the show to date. Two kids and a mom selling crafts is not unusual in itself, what makes M3 Girl Designs unique […]

Jared Joyce Pumps Up Appearance

Jared Joyce is pumped up, confident and strutting his stuff for his upcoming appearance on Shark Tank. Let’s hope he’s all that, because if he’s not, well let’s just see what happens. I don’t even know what he does as of this moment, but I’m entertained by him so far. Off to the Jared Joyce […]

Talbott Teas Shows the Power of Shark Tank

I had intended to react to the Talbott Teas segment on Friday’s Shark Tank. It was the most powerful pitch I have seen on the show to date. They had everything the sharks would want: sales went from $100,000 in 2009 to $500,000 through three quarters in 2011, they invested $300,000 of their own money, […]

Last Lid Infomercial

I commented earlier on Kirk’s Shark Tank post about the Last Lid that I wanted to see the Last Lid infomercial. Well, here it is, in all its As Seen on TV glory!

The Ledge Pillow Shark Tank Pitch

What do you do when you have a marginal product that you want to fund on The Shark Tank? Trot out a buxom babe to help demonstrate it, that’s what. This pitch started off with something that always sells: sex appeal.  Amanda immediately had the men in her pocket. Unfortunately, her pocket had a big […]

The Last Lid Shark Tank Review

I enjoy the Shark Tank and the idea of “the little guy” getting a chance to take an idea or an invention to the next level with the significant capital and expertise of the sharks. Unlike my co-author, Kirk Taylor, I don’t do any back end research on the would be investors; I like reacting […]

Talbott Teas Jamba Juice Deal Shark Tank

The Talbott Teas Jamba Juice deal happens after Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary brings in Daymond John following the TV episode. This combination winds up in a package that is taking Tablott Teas Jamba Juice into retail malls all across the country. A win for everyone involved. Talbot Teas Founder, Shane Talbott has always been passionate about tea […]

How to Raise Money

Learning How to Raise Money requires extensive preparation that is rarely done by Entrepreneurs for several reasons.  Quite frankly, preparation is the single greatest factor that Entrepreneurs succeed at raising money for their start-up company. Entrepreneurs looking to raise money will need the following for their start-up company: Proper Legal Structure C Corporation (Allows you […]

Is Reality TV Real?

Is Reality TV real? In some cases we don’t think so, but in this case, more than most viewers and even writers know. Rafe Needleman posted a column on CNET titled “Stiffed by ‘Shark Tank’ VC, startup CEO Persveres” on Valentine’s Day. According to Rafe, he’s spoken directly with Megan Cummins, founder and CEO of […]

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