Kim Pries Due In Maternity TShirts

Entrepreneur Kim Pries Due In Entrepreneur,  presented to the Shark Tank investors telling them she’s done 1.4 million dollars in sales since she started her business that specializes in maternity t-shirts. Unfortunately, the economy hit hard and last year, she only did $90,000.00 in sales. She asked for $50,000.00 for a 15% stake in her […]

Rebecca Rescate – Kevin Harrington Infomercial Deal

Rebecca Rescate made a strong pitch for CitiKitty when she entered the Shark Tank to face the Angel Investors who could help make her dream come true and it worked. She asked for a $100,000 investment for 15% of her company. The investors all were amused with her invention, the toilet training kit that teaches […]

Will Shark Tank’s Daymond John Bite on Aldo Orta Jewelry?

Aldo Orta Jewelry comes into the Shark Tank to pitch the Angel Investors. This artist has created an extensive line of unique jewelry and has a long list of clients. He says he’s coming into the Shark Tank for exposure. I think the Sharks could help him out with more than just exposure, not necessarily […]

Voyage Air Guitar Jeff Cohen Deal?

If you’re thinking about Voyage Air Guitars, you might look into the special offers during tonight’s Shark Tank show.  Entrepreneur Jeff Cohen says they will be featuring special deals and anticipates selling out during the show. Don’t hesitate. You probably remember that Jeff Cohen appeared on Shark Tank over a year ago (it doesn’t seem […]

Will Barbara Corcoran Love Samson Martin?

Barbara Corcoran tweeted earlier today that she loved an entrepreneur that the guys hated. Is it the Samson Martin line? If so, this entrepreneur is going to get a deal with Barbara. Samson Martin Line is in baby and maternity stores, but Mompreneur, Kim Preis wants to take her line into bigger stores such as […]

One Sole Entrepreneur Dominique Barteet Shark Tank Preview

Full time pharmacist, part time entrepreneur, Dominique Barteet brings her company, One Sole Shoe Company into the Shark Tank to pitch the Angel Investors. She created the company when she came up with the idea as she needed a shoe that was versatile for traveling, yet provided her with different styles to match her outfits. […]

Original Runner Julie Goldman Shark Tank Preview

The Original Runner Company Entrepreneur, Julie Goldman, pitches the Shark Tank investors on her unique wedding runners which take any event to the next level of elegance. The company focuses on their flagship product, the wedding runner, but also offers other products such as ring pillows, banners, table runners, Mazel Tov Bags, flower petal bags, […]

Mark Cuban Ultimatum to Shark Tank Entrepreneur OrigAudio

Mark Cuban, Shark Tank Angel Investor and Entreprenuer, made an offer to the guys from OrigAudio that appeared to be ruthless. Cuban has a tremendous amount of experience building online companies like AudioNet, which later became and is a major player with Netflix. That should make him a great partner. Turns out Cuban appeared […]

Origaudio Shark Tank Preview

  Origaudio Preview – The Entrepreneur OrigAudio Entrepreneur, Jason Lucash, pitches his company to the Shark Tank Investors on Friday nights show. Before I go too far, I see an entire series of posts on the products Jason’s company has created. Unbelievably cool! We’ve witnessed the clips for this Friday night’s show and hands down, the winner […]

Original Man Candles Entrepreneur Johnson Bailey on Shark Tank

Original Man Candle Entrepreneur Johnson Bailey will pitch the Shark Tank Investors, asking for a $50,000 investment in return for a 25% stake in his company.

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