Fat Ass Fudge

Fat Ass Fudge

Fat Ass Fudge

Fat Ass Fudge is the eponymously named, organic, gluten-free fudge business that is the creation of entrepreneur Donna McCue of East Hampton, New York. She brings her decadent and delicious confections to the Shark Tank in episode 409 seeking funding from the Sharks. The 60 something former intuitive and comedienne has been making Fat Ass Fudge from her grandmother’s recipe since 2008 in various restaurant kitchens in her area. She uses organic goat’s milk and butter, which makes the fudge more palatable to those with lactose intolerance and her recipe is gluten-free. Donna sells her fudge online, at local farmer’s markets and from her “Fudgemobile.”

Fat Ass Fudge Pitch

Donna was looking for $250k for a 5% share in Fat Ass Fudge. She presented a wacky, off-beat pitch, no doubt reminiscent of her days as a comedian. She wants to turn Fat Ass Fudge into a big brand, but the Sharks don’t want a bite of the business – just the fudge. Kevin offers $250K for 1,000% of the business, because he thinks Donna is nuts (in a good way)! He’s out. Barbara, Daymond, and Robert soon follow. Mark thinks Donna will be fine without him, so he’s out. In a parting shot, Donna says to Kevin, “unlike you, fudge never disappoints.”

Fat Ass Fudge Post Show

We have not spoken to Donna, but we have corresponded via email and she has seen a HUGE uptick in online sales since she appeared on the show. Her segment was very wacky and funny and she tells SharkTank Blog she taped for over an hour (a long time in studio by the show’s standards).  There were quite a lot of things left on the editing room floor, including Donna calling one of the Sharks a “fudge packer!” The former comedian is obviously not afraid to say what’s on her mind!

The SharkTankBlog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about  entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Once an episode has aired, we monitor the progress of the businesses featured, whether they receive funding or not and report on their progress. The SharkTankBlog will follow-up on Donna McCue and Fat Ass Fudge as more details become available.


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