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hold your haunchesErin Bickley and Jenny Greer pitch Hold Your Haunches, their line of shapewear designed to smooth the derrière, in Shark Tank episode 519 on April 10. The two moms are friends and walking buddies who, back in 2010, started talking about how their bums were looking a bit to jiggly. They didn't have any decent shape wear options, so they created one.

Hold Your Haunches slims the behind with a special compression layer underneath the exterior leggings. They promise to give you a great looking bottom without a lot of binding and sagging. The sleek black leggings look good for casual and dress-up affairs.

They currently sell Hold Your Haunches leggings on Amazon, several big e-commerce sites that sell shapewear, and around thirty small boutiques. The ladies are likely looking to the Sharks for help with mass distribution and getting their production costs down.

Hold Your Haunches Shark Tank Recap

Erin and Jenny did a deal with Lori and Barbara in a heated male versus female Shark battle. They sold out of stock after the show, but quickly re-loaded. Shark Tank Blog did an update interview with the Hold Your Haunches gals.

Hold Your Haunches Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Hold Your Haunches really blew their sales numbers out of the water in the aftermath of their episode. They get an update segment in episode 619 in season six. We'll see if they've continued their torrid sales pace.

In the 6 months after appearing, they've sold $1.5 million in product, moved into a new facility. The first deal Barbara and Lori partnered on is “making behinds look great everywhere!”

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