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kymera body boardJason Woods pitches his ultra-cool personal watercraft called the Kymera Body Board in Shark Tank episode 501 on November 1, 2013. Woods is the latest Kickstarter entrepreneur to appear on the show but, unlike other Kickstarters in the Tank, the Kymera Body Board campaign did NOT achieve its lofty goal of $250,000. Woods raised about $165,000 and failed to cash in his Kickstarter chips.

He's been developing the Kymera Body Board for nearly ten years. It's an electric-powered surf board-looking device that is a lightweight and (relatively) inexpensive personal watercraft. Compared to jet-skis that cost upwards of $20K, the $3,500 Kymera Body Board is a bargain. It's light enough to carry like a surf board and the batteries can charge with an optional solar charger – a good accessory if you're out at the lake or beach all day.

The boards are for sale on the Kymera website on a “pre-order” basis prior to the original air date. Woods most likely wants some Shark help to get production rolling and spread awareness for the product.

Kymera Body Board Shark Tank Recap

Jason enters and asks for $250K for 20% of his business. He then tells the Kymera story and has his fiancé demo the board. Then he rolls a video of the Kymera in action.

Lori thinks the riding position looks awkward. The battery only lasts 30-60 minutes, which Kevin balks at. Mark then asks for sales figures. Jason talks about the 10 year evolution from a gas board to a battery board, and Mark chides him for not answering the question. Lori then asks if the boards he brought are prototypes and Jason reveals he doesn't have any product for sale yet. Jason then talks about raising $165K on Kickstarter; unfortunately the goal was $250K. Jason blames the failure on Kickstarter changing the rules about multiple sales.

Jason reveals he's sunk $130K into Kymera over 10 years. The Sharks think he should have sold some products over that time period. Jason wants to go direct to consumer online. Mark then calls him a “wantrepreneur;” he thinks he could have sold some product over 10 years and goes out. Lori doesn't think he's tested it enough and there's too much potential for liability; she's out too. Daymond then says this is the “worst pitch I've ever seen,” and goes out. Kevin says a $1 million valuation is insane and he goes out. JP DeJoria thinks it's more of a hobby for Jason than a business and he goes out too. Jason leaves and says he's “totally pissed” and the Sharks just “couldn't see anything.”

Kymera Body Board Shark Tank Update

Before the show even aired, Kymera opened a new Kickstarter Campaign where they offered a new body board for $1995 from the first production run. As of show night, they'd sold 2. A week later, he's sold 6.

Since appearing, the Kymera Body Board is in limited production on a “pre-order” basis for August 2015 delivery. The price has increased to $2995. We'll see if Kymera delivers!

As of 2016, the boards are available for pre-order and now cost $3750. Kymera is also seeking rental operators.

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