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Rock BandsRock Bands entrepreneur and former fashion model Lee Dahlberg got a little help from a friend – Robin Leach – to pitch his fashion leather wristbands to the Sharks in episode 403. Dahlberg sold his house to finance the business, which are a leather bracelet adorned with exotic stones. The bracelets are made from a variety of animal hides including python, crocodile, tree snake, and calf skins. There are over 40 different types of stones used in various Rock Bands; Dahlberg is an adherent to the new-age concept of stones providing varying powers for creating a sense of well-being.

Rock Bands Shark Tank Recap

Dahlberg and Leach came into the Shark Tank seeking $100k for  20% of the business. He tells the Sharks many celebrities wear Rock Bands, including Bono, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Jack Nicholson. He's done around $300K in sales over the past five years.

Mr. Wonderful wants to license Rock Bands and offers Lee  $100k for 100% of the company with a 7% lifetime royalty. Barbara says she'd like to partner with Kevin. Daymond and Mark offer $100K for 40%. After some back and forth negotiations, Lee accepts Mark and Daymond's offer.

Rock Bands Shark Tank Update

Besides a website redesign, Rock Bands hasn't made many changes since appearing. Their Facebook page is sparse on updates since the episode originally aired too. Dahlberg made his debut as a comedian at the Hard Rock Casino back in November 2012. I am not sure this deal went through since Dahlberg is actively seeking investors on his Rock Bands website and is working with The Tendrich Companies, a Florida capital firm. Dahlberg also continues to work as a model. It doesn't appear that he has embraced the Shark Tank Effect to its fullest extent.

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  1. Rick Egeln says:

    I would love to be on the Shark Tank panel and sit with all them. I love the show and I must watch it 10-15 times a week. So if you like this fly me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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