Romp n Roll

romp n rollMichael and Babz Barnett, a husband and wife entrepreneurial team from Virginia, pitch Romp n Roll – a kids activities center – in episode 112. The Romp n Roll slogan is:  “Nurture the genius. Unleash the goofball.” The Barnetts created a play center for 3 month olds to six-year olds that combine movement activities, music, and art in an environment that promotes learning while having fun. Parents are encouraged to participate in activities with their children. Romp n Roll also offers birthday parties and summer camps.

The Barnetts want to franchise Romp n Roll and they're looking for a Shark to help them expand.

Romp n Roll Shark Tank Recap

Michael and Babz enter the Shark Tank seeking a $300k investment for 10% of Romp n Roll. They have 10 locations, including one in Puerto Rico. In five years, they've accrued over $4 million in revenue with a 30% profit margin. This catches the Sharks' attention, but they think the Barnetts are over valuing the business. Mr. Wonderful reminds the Barnetts he sold a children's business for $3 Billion.

Mr. Wonderful goes out, as do Daymond and Kevin H. Barbara says she's scared of this kind of business since her local Gymboree recently closed; she's out too. With four Sharks out, the Barnetts continue to pitch to them while ignoring Robert, who “acts” offended. He offers $300,000 for 51% of the business. The Barnetts go into the hall to chat and Mr. Wonderful offers to go halfsies on the deal with Robert. When the Barnetts return, they counter with $300K for 20%, but Robert and Kevin don't think the business is worth that much. They're out.

Romp n Roll  Shark Tank Update

Romp n Roll didn't get a deal, but the business continues in their original locations. There are now 95 international Romp n Roll franchises; including one in China and one in South Korea. There are 17 more planned locations for 2017. Not getting a deal didn't kill this business by any stretch of the imagination.

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