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Technology Enabled Clothing is the licensing arm of Scott Jordan's ScottEvest empire. Scott, a non-practicing attorney, pitched the Sharks in episode 311 on that piece of his business. Technology Enabled Clothing is a series of internal water-proof pockets and wiring systems designed to house all the gadgets (iPads, cell phones, etc) that are ubiquitous in many people's lives inside a vest or jacket. A garment with a Technology Enabled Clothing “system” in it makes for safer transport, added convenience, and quicker trips through airport security. The patented system is used in Jordan's separate, retail business, ScottEvest, and he's seeking to license the patent to outerwear manufacturers.  ScottEvests are a favorite among the techie crowd.

Technology Enabled Clothing Pitch

This pitch is one of the most popular in Shark Tank history and it's certainly the most controversial. Jordan went into the Shark Tank asking for a $500K investment for a 15% share in Technology Enabled Clothing. ScottEvest was not part of the deal. ScottEvest, as of the date of taping, had $5.1 million in sales and projected $12 million for the year. Jordan was not offering a piece of ScottEvest in his pitch to the Sharks, just part of the Technology Enabled Clothing patent license.

Mark Cuban got all up in Jordan's face during the pitch, calling the entrepreneur's rigorous defense of infringements a sham and setting the stage for some post-tank confrontations. Mark also thinks wireless will kill the need for the vests; he's out. Daymond sides with Mark and goes out too. Barbara doesn't care for the drama and she's out too. Robert offers $500K for 15% of Technology Enabled Clothing and ScottEvest and Jordan asks Robert if he's insane! Kevin chimes in with a $1 million offer for 30% of Technology Enabled Clothing and ScottEvest if Robert will invest with him. When Robert says he wants to go it alone, Kevin matches Robert's offer.

Jordan thinks 15% of ScottEvest is too much. When Robert asks if he'd entertain any offer for ScottEvest, Jordan steps into the hall to phone a friend, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers. Wozniak says Robert's offer is way too low. Jordan comes back in the Shark Tank and tells Kevin and Robert they're out! Things got nasty and Jordan left without a deal.

Technology Enabled Clothing and Scott Jordan After the Shark Tank

The aftermath of this episode was more epic than the show itself. Mark Cuban continued to accuse Jordan of being a “patent troll” and the two engaged in a very public war of words on social media. Jordan and Cuban went at it on Twitter and Cuban even publicly supported a Scottish company called Aye Gear that was knocking off ScottEvests. A snippet of the Twitter exchange follows:

ScottEvest: @mcuban#Levi‘s received patent on rivet making Levi's what it is today. Is that nonsense? Y do U think U know more than patent examiners?

MCuban: @scottevest doesnt surprise me that you have to go back to the 1800s to find an example

AyeGear: @mcuban the day we launched, guess who our first email was from? outrageous claims were made without even inspecting it.

MCuban: @AyeGear people will easily figure out work arounds. Thats why his patent should be worthless.

The back and forth continued all over the internet for a few days. I don't think Scott Jordan and Mark Cuban will be going out to dinner any time soon!

Jordan and his business carried on quite nicely and ScottEvest is projecting sales of around $20 million in 2013. Technology Enabled Clothing is in the beginning phases of suing AyeGear for patent infringement.

Jordan announced the ScottEvest TEC 2.0 Jacket prior to the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2013. The next generation jacket features some wild innovations. It has removable sleeves, speakers embedded in the collar, batteries embedded in the lining, and solar panels on the shoulders for charging gadgets while on the go. The only thing missing is the Marty McFly self sizing option!

ScottEvest TEC 2.0 Jacket Video

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