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Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Shane Pannell, introduced his product, Sweepeasy to the Sharks for investment. He’s a stay at home dad who invented this broom to make it easier to clean floors with his unique scraper attachment.

Shane hadn’t sold any Sweepeasy products leading up to the show, but is now selling online with his website. The Shark’s bit on the deal, at least on the show. The question is what happened after the show? Did he complete the deal with the sharks? Less than half of the deals actually complete after the Sharks complete due-diligence.

After searching around for Sweepeasy, I believe that Shane did not complete the deal with the Shark Tank investors. He’s got a website, YouTube Video and a Twitter account, but his branding is not polished in the way that Kevin Harrington would have done.

Sweepeasy Needs Updated Website

Shane needs to redo his Sweepeasy video, with ways to call people to action, shortening the amount of time, it’s 9 minutes long, instead opting for thirty-second video’s demonstrating the product and then pushing them to the website to buy.

He needs to redo his Sweepeasy website, while clean and simple, he needs to put a focus on the product and a call to action to buy. People coming to the site have most likely seen him on the Shark Tank Episode, one of the most popular ever and he needs to capitalize on this opportunity.

In the end, Shane is an inexperienced Entrepreneur who is going for his dream. He takes action which is fantastic. He needs to step up his marketing, get active on Twitter and other social media platforms and leverage the Shark Tank show, and play up the As Seen On TV opportunity.

Again, Shane could take this to a company that has affiliate programs and market it through their channels. Companies like Shareasale, where bloggers and websites could offer his product in exchange for a commission on every sale.

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