Leaux Racing Trike

I, like just about every American kid born since 1964, rode the original racing trike: the Big Wheel. There was nothing like spending an afternoon racing around with your friends and doing power slides. The sad thing is, we all outgrew them because the maximum weight limit is around 90 pounds. Secretly, many former Big […]

Korean Beauty Products – Glow Recipe

Sarah Lee and Christine Chang bring their curated Korean Beauty Products business – Glow Recipe – into the Shark Tank tonight in episode 714. The pair of make-up mavens scour the Asian continent to find, test, and ultimately sell the best, most unique natural cosmetics to women in the Western world. Korean beauty products are all […]

Sarah Oliver and the Purlettes +1

Sarah Oliver and the Purlettes (+1) sounds like the name of a doo-wop band from the 1960’s, but they’re actually the driving force behind Sarah Oliver Handbags. The Sharks get to meet the Purlettes and Sarah when she pitches her business tonight in Shark Tank episode 714. The Purlettes (+1) are Sarah’s workforce; their average […]

Zipperless Luggage – Trunkster

Jesse Potash and Gaston Blanchet had a vision of sturdy, technologically superior, zipperless luggage when they set out to raise funds for Trunkster. Little did they know, they’d go on to be the highest crowdfunded travel business on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. They did so well on Kickstarter, people still wanted to pre-purchase once the campaign […]

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