Under the Weather Pods -The Chair Tent

Rick Pescovitz created Under the Weather Pods, his chair tent for outdoor sport spectators, after freezing his butt off at his son’s early morning soccer game. That very night, he designed the first prototype. Like the picture above shows, it’s a soccer mom (or dad) chair with a little tent around it. Multiple pods connect […]

Seed Sheet Pre Made Gardens

Cam MacKugler invented Seed Sheet to make gardening idiot proof. While living on a friend’s farm, he loved the fresh produce, but not the complexities of managing a garden. When he envisioned Seed Sheet, he drew the prototype with a crayon. That was in 2012. In 2015, he got the business started when he raised […]

Green Chopsticks by Cropsticks

Mylen Yamamoto re-invented chopsticks while flying to Asia and now she wants her company, Cropmade, to be the new, “green standard” for Asian cuisine. Cropsticks are the first product her company produces. They are chopsticks made from sustainably harvested bamboo that come complete with a detachable holder. Once used, they can be composted or “upcycled” […]

Cat Wine by Apollo Peak

Former pet industry salesman Brandon Zavala created cat wine so he could share social moments with his cat, Apollo. Brandon loves his cat and his wine, so he created a whole line of different flavored cat wines (and dog wines too) so he could sip and relax with his feline friend. He named the business, Apollo Peak, as […]

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