Product Review: Ipari Prio by XeroShoes

Stephen Sashen is at it again: XeroShoes just came out with the Ipari Prio, their running/training SNEAKER that utilizes the XeroShoes mantra of “feel the world.” XeroShoes started as a little kit that let people create their own barefoot running sandals. They pitched the business in Shark Tank season four and, despite leaving without a […]

Ipari Hana by XeroShoes Review

The picture above is of my Amuri Z-Trek Sandals and my BRAND NEW Ipari Hana Shoes – both from XeroShoes. XeroShoes jumped in the Tank in season four (the company was called Invisible Shoes then) and left without a deal, but they’ve been cranking out innovative new footwear since. As I said back in season four, […]

Xero Shoes Amuri Z-Trek Review

Steve Sashen never got a deal in the Shark Tank for Xeroshoes, his barefoot running sandals, but that was before he created the new Amuri Z-Tek sandal. The Sharks might have liked them a bit better. Steve sent me the original version of Xeroshoes a few years ago. I laced up the huarache style sandals […]

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