Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran scored in an investment (Daisy Cakes)that I didn’t think she should make. I was wrong and she’s done well, and I’ve done well too! I wrote about that investment in my personal blog, making it one of the most popular blog posts I have ever done. Every time that episode of Shark Tank comes on, the numbers on that post go through the roof and I make money. Thanks Barbara.

Barbara didn’t get good grades in school, it seems that she wanted to get on with her life, we have that in common. She was a D student, and I was a D- student, still we graduated.

Barbara Corcoran Starts with $1,000

She started out by borrowing $1,000 to start The Corcoran Group and turned it into a business that she sold in 2001 for $66 Million dollars according to her website. She’s an expert in Real Estate and is on several media outlets. She’s been on all three seasons of Shark Tank and for some reason is being criticized for not being real active on the deals this year. I think we need to wait a little bit and she’s going to invest in a surprising deal.

According to her website, she’s bought into 11 deals. Given the type of deals, I’m betting that she’s actually completed more deals than the other Sharks, but I don’t have the data to back that up, it’s just a hunch.

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