Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner, QVC Queen, is the newest Shark Tank Investor, filling in for Barbara Corcoran for several episodes. Lori is no stranger to the entrepreneurial world- she developed her first product back in 1996. Lori’s earring organizer sold out on her first appearance on the QVC Network and she sold well over $1million worth of product. She hasn’t looked back since.

That first successful product launch catapulted Lori Greiner into the fast paced world of the entrepreneur. Today she runs a multimillion dollar a year company, holds over 100 patents, has over $350 million in sales, and features over 350 products in her line. Lori sells kitchen tools, travel bags,  unique accessories, and must-have organizers for all around the home. Her many items can be purchased on her QVC Show, “Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner,” as well as in retail outlets all around the globe.

Lori Greiner’s success is grounded in her determination, which she demonstrated at the outset of her career as an entrepreneur. She literally combed the streets of Chicago, sharing her first product, an earring organizer, with women and getting their feedback. Convinced that she had a winner, she doggedly pitched it, calling companies to distribute her invention “thousands of times,” until they picked up the phone and eventually partnered with her on the earring organizer.

QVC Queen Lori Greiner Perfect Fit

This background makes Lori Greiner a perfect fit for the Shark Tank. Not only is she a self-made multimillionaire, but she’s the show’s resident “gadget expert.”  Any time an entrepreneur with an “As-Seen-On-TV” type product comes on the show, all eyes fall on Lori first. They should, she has over ten years experience pitching her own products on her QVC show. She knows what sells, and she features products with a broad appeal that solve problems.

Lori Greiner also brings the experiences of starting at ground zero to the Shark Tank. When she developed her first product, she had to get patents, cut deals with manufacturers, and pitch would be investors and distribution partners herself. This experience gives her unparalleled insight into the process of bringing a product from idea, to prototype, to successful distribution. Now, after years of success, she finds herself in the position of being a go to person, in and out of the Shark Tank, in the business of new inventions for the retail market.

This bootstrapping background, along with her sharp edged personality and good looks, has made her an instant hit on the Shark Tank TV Show. It is unclear at this writing whether Lori will become one of the The Sharks on a full time basis or not, though she confessed on Twitter that she would “like to continue.” Whether she stays on ABC’s Shark Tank TV Show as a full time shark in the future remains to be seen, but she is, and will continue to be, my favorite shark!



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  2. Pat Goldberg says:

    Lori wherre can I purchase the Coraroys which I just saw on the night of 3-8-2013–shark tank

  3. tanya hood says:

    hello ms greiner

    i have a great invention for women, yes i know you hear that over and over. but this is something all women will need/millions of women will need and love. please, please give me a chance to tell you. thank you very much. my #’s are 919-900-8699/240-277-1376.

  4. phyllis pannell says:

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  6. Veronica campos says:

    Hello, Lori
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  8. june friday says:

    Lori, i just watched an interview with you and your fellow shark… thank you it was very informative. as with a lot of people, i also have a great new and healthy product that would be wanted and needed by virtually EVERYONE. it’s something we all do every day (at least most of us) but in a healthier and safer way…… i’ve watched all the sharks and their methods of choosing and like most women are to men, sometimes i just can’t seem to understand them…. YOU are my pick because you seem to understand the common person and can evaluate their wants and needs… i really need to talk to you personally and i wouldn’t approach you or try to waste your time if i didn’t know that this is a SURE thing. you have my e-mail address, my home phone number is (530) 365-9580 if i can’t answer, the machine will be on………. thank you so much, hope to be hearing from you. June Friday

  9. Devin Spooner says:

    Hello Lori, my wife and i came up with great product that wethink would be a big hit, but being a guy out of work,i was wondering what are the best steps to take to get it out there in front of the right people without someone taking the idea from me. I have check it out and there is nothing out there like it. So if you have any input tat could help that would be awesome.

  10. Diana Lotfi says:

    I have a line of interchangeable jewelry consists of (earrings-necklaces-pins-bracelets) – perfect to match to different color outfits and perfect for QVC. Don’t need any financing (I have savings) but need your help to launch. I am 58 years old and proud mother of two. Please contact at 212-213-3040

  11. I have a business plan I would like to send over to you. We are seeking investors to help us. I need to know were we can send it to. One of are partners was in Culture magazine .

    Thank you
    Anthony Poni

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