Mee-Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick

Louisiana Gumbo Brick

Carol Foster pitches the Sharks on her frozen gumbo product called Mee-Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick in Shark Tank episode 421. The single mom and former truck driver is a re-located Louisiana native who broke out an old family recipe for a “N’Awlins” favorite and started selling it online in 2007 and serving it in her restaurant in 2009. Unfortunately, the ceiling of the restaurant collapsed in October, 2010 after heavy rains, buy Carol says it was “God lettin’ me know it’s time to move on and concentrate on the Gumbo Brick.” Basically, the gumbo brick is a frozen block of roux base for making authentic Louisiana style gumbo; all you need to do is add sausage and shrimp (and a few more spices if you want some extra ZING). Each gumbo brick “accepts” 3-4 pounds of meat and serves 6-8 people. Mee-Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick is available online from their website and at several Los Angeles area independent markets.

Mee-Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick Shark Tank Recap

Carol pitches the panel of five Sharks on her business and its prospects for growth. She’ll need to convince Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Grenier, and Robert Herjavec that the company is worthy of a Shark investment. A good business plan, good financials, and sales data will impress the Sharks, but she’ll need to show them SHE is capable of running the company to “Shark standards.” A full pitch re-cap on  Mee-Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick will be available on Shark Tank Blog once this episode airs.

Mee-Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Once an episode has aired, we monitor the progress of the businesses featured, whether they receive funding or not and report on their progress. The Shark Tank Blog will follow-up on Mee-Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick and Carol Foster as more details become available.

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  1. Rick Morales says:

    I called Carol and found out where I can get some her Gumbo. I had to drive 30 minutes to the location and found it. Tonight I made us the Seafood Gumbo and it turned out great. The simplicity is exactly as advertised and it tastes great. Thanks Carol 😉

  2. Sherrie Patrick says:

    Why not sell it online ? Mee-Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick Information. I live in TEXAS we need good base for Gumbo……HELP

  3. Barbara mcduff says:

    I live in Houston,Texas area to exact Pasadena , Texas, 77504 zip. Is your gumbo bricks available in my area? It sounds delicious, would love to try some. Waiting for your reply. thank you . Saw you on The Shark Tank tonight, it brought me to tears, so glad you got the help you need. I pray God blesses you abundantly. Barbara

  4. Gail Little says:

    I would love buy some of this gumbo. Will it be in Atlanta, Ga. soon or online?

  5. Pat Ellison says:

    Wow Mr Wonderful was wonder! Nashville TN. Where can I get the brick? Dying to try. 37075

  6. I’m in the Detroit area. Saw you on Shark Tank was wondering if your product is or will be in the near future available here. If not will we be able to order on-line? Dying to try it. Please let me know something.

  7. I just have to say….Carrol I came to the location on Vermont and 83rd this past Saturday 9/21/2013 and purchased a bowl of gumbo. That was the best gumbo I’ve ever had in my life!! I wanna thank you so much and I wish you much success and peace in life. I noticed you said you didn’t have a church home, well my home is your home come and visit us at cccla on 87th and broadway 90003 the website is

  8. It’s been over a year. Where’s the update on the company and availability?

  9. Ronda mcclain says:

    Girl!!! You had me cryin and calling out Lori’s heart to open up for you! And lo and behold for Kevin to jump before Lori did! SMH! For me that was a miracle straight from God! Lori , Kevin and Carol May God’s Goodness and mercy follow you all along with your prosperity! One more thing! I’ll be looking for your blocks between Connecticut, Atlanta, California and Florida. From time to time, that’s how I move! If I can’t find it I’ll be lookin for it on line. God Bless.

  10. I saw Carol on Shark Tank last night and was delighted to hear her testimony. She sounds like an amazing woman with enough dedication, drive and now support from THE SHARKS to make her dream a reality. I am so happy that she did not give up and loose sight of the blessing God has for her. Carol, continue to trust God with your life totally and I guarantee He will direct your path. A great big THANK YOU to Mr. Wonderful (Mr. O’Leary) and Mrs. Lori Grenier for their support. Mr Wonderful, you are redeemed.
    Carol, please remain humble and always give God the praise for what He and only He has done.
    Thank you for allowing me to voice my comment. I appreciate it.

  11. Looks like meemas is one of the many shark tank deals that never went through. According to her twitter they threw her under the bus. Looks like they do this a lot. After due diligence many deals are never finalized. But they knew her story before they made the deal.

  12. Hi I love to try this product love gumbo where can I buy this in louisiana

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