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neo mag light home tattoo removal 2Neo Mag Light inventors Nick Gonzales and Kevin Mack pitch their hand-held, home tattoo removal device to the Sharks in episode 420.  The Neo Mag Light device is patent pending and is billed as an inexpensive solution to expensive, laser tattoo removal. Nick designed the product to help people who need to remove a tattoo, but don’t have thousands of dollars for laser removal. They are currently selling the Neo Mag Light as Black Magic Tattoo Removal. The original inspiration came from helping ex-convicts with amateur prison tattoos; often unable to be hired due to the presence of gang tattoos. Gonsales gave them an inexpensive solution with the Neo Mag Light / Black Magic Tattoo Removal system. The device operates like a much more expensive halogen and laser systems, but only costs $249.00 and it comes with a 1 year, money back guarantee. Over a period of weeks, treatments supposedly fade tattoos.

Neo Mag Light/Black Magic Tattoo Removal Shark Tank Recap

Nick and Kevin came into the Shark Tank asking for $80k and a 20% share in the business. Even though the entrepreneurs claim the product is safe, the spectre of lawsuits arises from the waters of the Shark Tank. If there’s one thing “Sharkier” than the Sharks, it’s products liability trial lawyers!

Barbara doesn’t think it’s safe; she’s out. Mark thinks partnering with Nick and Kevin will make him an easy target for lawsuits; he’s out. Robert echoes Mark’s concerns about lawsuits and he goes out too. Kevin likes the business, but sees the same legal risks as the other Sharks; he’s out. Daymond has concerns about the product’s safety and legal liability issues, he’s out too.


Neo Mag Light/Black Magic Tattoo Removal After Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank Blog will continue to follow Neo Mag Light after their appearance to track their success. Will Nick and Kevin make Neo Mag Light another Shark Tank Success story? Shark Tank Blog has product reviews, previews, and interviews with Neo Mag Light and many other businesses and entrepreneurs who appeared on the show. We continue to endeavor to provide the best Shark Tank information for investors, entrepreneurs, and fans.

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