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Ryan Kelly is the youngest Shark Tank entrepreneur to appear in Shark Tank season 4. The eleven year old entrepreneur from Stamford, CT (along with his mom Daniela) pitches his wholesome, home-made, dog treats in Shark Tank episode 424. Ryan began making the pooch snacks when he came home with a rescue beagle and was repulsed by the smell of the treats he bought for his new best friend. When he realized the dog didn’t like the store-bought treats either, he made his own. In true bootstrapping fashion, Ryan sold the treats door-to-door in his neighborhood. Dogs and their people LOVED them and Ryans Barkery was born.


Ryans Barkery Shark Tank Recap

Ryan and his mom, Daniela, came into the Tank seeking $25,000 for 25% of their business. He’s only made about $800 in sales to date, but he thinks with a Shark’s help, he can get into grocery and pet stores. He needs an investment to get into a commercial kitchen. The Sharks like his margins: the treats cost less than forty cents to make and he sells them for four bucks! One by one, the Sharks go out, except Barbara. She offers $25,000 for 25%. The other Sharks try to talk Ryan out of doing the deal, but he’s ALL IN!

Ryans Barkery Shark Tank Update

After the show, Ryan became a school celebrity and a successful young businessman. Daniela, Ryan’s mom, is still very involved in the business. They revealed they are now in over thirty stores and are  approaching six figure sales. They have a “big announcement” coming which we’ll hear about when Ryan’s Barkery is featured in an update segment in season five, episode 521.

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