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  1. I get asked a few times every day about getting on the show. I have had a few hundred people state the same on the shark tank face book page. What is it I can do at this point to increase my chances if anything?

  2. eleanor burkett says:

    My line of designing wear is truly one of a kind , we designed it , and i sewed some of them by hand. It took a lot of hours and sore fingers to get them finished. I only hope that this line can be appreciated. I have yet to have them patened yet, that is why i keep them hid away. I do have the original design patterans. So this is truly me and my sons imagination working together as a team to make this work. This idea was made in 2009. I only hope that you will consider me and my son John to bring this idea forth , to make a lot of money. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this message. P.S. Just an old fashion person with a few modern ideas.

  3. Clea Maclean says:

    I have an opportunity to get into a ” New industry” in Canada”. Without going into great detail, I will say that this is a ground floor, muti billion dollar Industry . I have expert knowledge of the production ( small operations ) of this product and work with a small team of women in their 50’s . Heath Canada is about to open the door to this opportunity by introducing new regulations and allowing commercial production. Due to sloppy current Government Regulations and inability to control product inventory have inadvertently expanded the illicit market.
    I am not a business woman but I see a big bisiness opportunity. I have a very powerful team of female producers, all in our 50’s. We would love to create a future with you as partners in commercializing our Canadian product. What we need are experts to help us create a business model that fits this industry, no amount of money can do that for us. I am reading ” Business Model Generation” by Alexander Osterwaler and The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. My head might blow up in this ” discovery stage” but I love learning.
    I would be so honored to hear what you have to say and modest enough to accept no response at all . Regardless , we will carry on and hope that we don’t get blown out of this opportunity by the superpowers of corporations

    • Cheryl Tamplin says:

      I am curious about your product.
      I am 55 years old and looking to market a product I can fall in love with.
      I am located in Penticton, B.C. Canada.

  4. i have a brand new patented product, check it out @ put me on your show please, thank you

  5. Katherine Rutherford says:

    I have a patent product that I would love for you or your staff to look at to see if you or anyone from your show can help me to manufacture and distribute this product.

  6. StephanitelyStyles says:


  7. I just watched shark tank and see the little boy selling dog treats. My family and I would love to buy some. Our dog is our best friend. We even take him to a spa every 2 month. We were informed by out vet on things he can’t eat and I love his product. My daughter always has to feed the dog at dinner. She holds her nose cause she can’t stand the smell. If he makes dog food we would buy that to. Good luck honey and let me know how I can get my baby some good treats. Email ppppllleeeaaassseee!!!!
    Thank you, katie

  8. renee cardoso says:

    Could anyone tell me why they have a man talking in the background as to what is happening. It is so annoying. It make you feel like a child. “Now there walk out the door” I can see that. Just had a thought….Is the reason for blind people to get involved. thanks

  9. Mechele Baggenstoss says:

    I challenge the sharks to do something as the secret millionaires do.. get out and get dirty… help a community… and not just donate but help.. work along side of the people… the sharks have kids… live a day or two in the life of others who need hope..
    There are many products in the world for consumers to buy… dreams of having yours out there is great..
    however, so people are trying to help in areas with limited resources …I believe the sharks should include one each week that each one of them has personally went and put time and sweat into….
    I challenge them to walk in the life of others…
    It would be a great addition to the show also…
    Be sharks that attack poverty issues,, youths that struggle to get out of a bad area..who my be the next person on the shark show someday..

  10. i watched shark tank the night the horse was on the air with pants on i did not find it funny and for the owner he must of needed money awfully bad to do this to his animal how disgraceful!

  11. Disappointed and disgusted that one of my favorite shows would give the Obamas to use it as their platform to speak to your viewers. Do your research. These people have no respect for the United States of America. What they have done to our military is despicable. Having them on this particular show is insult to injury. This person has bowed to 8 dictators. Sharks you are now tied to this tyrant who is trying to “destroy this country from within”.

    • Dave Delishaw says:

      I felt the same way…..Obama’s “military” has savagely terminated active service people with dear John letters while they are still abroad. The only Federal pensions that have or ever will be cut are those of the military. Now sending thousands of troops to deal with Ebola as if this is the Peace Corporation is a travesty. If anyone does the research Obama has endless Military leadership and hollowed out our military….My guess is that the connection was made via the network and not the Sharks….When the Sharks speak about the economy, limited access to capital I have to believe that they understand how anti-business, unamerican etc Obozo is..I will say one final thing-his wife whose images are controlled completely by the media looked positively freakish.

  12. Michael Markarian says:

    Hey all,

    I too would love to be on Shark Tank someday! In the mean time, here is a way to test if people are interested in your business ideas before you go on the show (or start your business). We’ve seen it so many times when the entrepreneur steps up, then Mr. Wonderful says “The problem is NO ONE WANTS THIS!” So my new company is trying to help entrepreneurs make sure that consumers want the product before they dump their savings into it.

    Just wanted to share! Thanks and God bless.


    When are you going to replace Kevin O’Leary? I just got through watching him brow beat the inventorof the ki0yrchen lock. He is a bully! What kind of message are we sending to our children that you alowl this type of behavior to be seen on TV? This is just the sort of bullying that leads to individuals going home, getting their guns and shooting up their abusers and innocent bystanders. I love your show, but not him. I am not alone in my thinking either. Send him back to Canada and let him bully his way on Canadian TV, SHAME ON YOU FOR ALLOWING THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I saw one episode of Shark Tank were one guy was offerd money buy one of the Sharks to expand his businees.
    The problem is inorder to get the money the Shark wanted the guy to move his manurfacturing over seas.
    Thease Sharks are supossed to be there to invest in American Inventers — that means American pruducts and American manurfacturing ;; Not outsourceing our jobs to a forien country !! The Sharks need to put the money into making American invented products here in America !!
    Our economy sucks because Our manurfacturing has been out sourced to forien countrys and putting Americans our of work.

    • Who says the Sharks are supposed to invest in American inventors, American products or American manufacturers? The Sharks are in business to make money! They repeatedly convey that it makes the most sense to get the lowest price for anything, sell it en mass for the greatest profit. Make it, master it, and then matter to more people in the long run. American companies that outsource their work to foreign countries are trying to profit the best they can. The loyalty is to the lowest bidder. It’s not personal, it’s business.


  16. Has Kevin O’ Leary been diagnosed Asperger’s syndrome?

  17. m bowen says:

    Funny story- while watching the program my husband asked for some romance. I realized later that my instant response was “Really, in the middle of Shark Tank’. I share this as I also think it would make a great commercial.

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