Pure Ayre James Mitchell Needs To Clear Air

Pure Ayre James MitchellPure Ayre James Mitchell got his butt kicked by the sharks last night and didn’t really know what hit him. He’s a guy that has a passion for his product, but doesn’t know how to take it to the next level. Should he have taken the deal for $225,000 plus a 7% royalty?

If you take a look at the Pure Ayre James Mitchell presentations in other videos, you will see James performing well. James is a nice guy but he doesn’t have what it takes to negotiate with big time investors and powerful corporate brokers.

He acted surprised by many of the questions, and the show made him look incompetent at negotiations. James should have defended his place, but he’s remained silent.  Pure Ayre looks like a great product, built a nice little company but he isn’t ready to defend his ability to grow the company.

Kevin O’Leary offered Pure Ayre James Mitchell $225,000 plus 7% royalties for the company which was a great opportunity for him and his investors, but he had too much emotion and didn’t understand how that deal would work for him. That and thin skin caused him to walk away.

If someone explained to James, how the deal would be good for everyone, my bet is that he would have taken the deal. I just don’t think his decision was about him personally.

The sharks reacted based on a lousy presentation by Pure Ayre James Mitchell. They formed their opinions quickly, like most investors do. I’m thinking if James would have taken the deal, they would have fired him immediately, but after they dug in, they likely would have brought him back into the company.

Pure Ayre James Mitchell Videos

If you watch his Pure Ayre videos, he does a great presentation with his customers, but the sharks didn’t see that and James should have used those videos in the pitch.  James Mitchell made another blunder having people watch the video with him. They got to see him get ripped apart and then try to explain his actions. I’m sure that people felt sorry for him, but you need business strength.

Pure Ayre James Mitchell showed weakness during his presentation and continues to show his lack of talent by not defending himself on his blog, website or anywhere else for that matter. The company could have benefited much if he would have spoken out, instead he cowered.

Pure Ayre needs someone else running the company as James Mitchell has reached his potential. Too bad he won’t let go.

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