Shark Tank Skin Care Scam

shark Tank Skin Care ScamFor the past year or so, I have been inundated with complaints about a Shark Tank skin care scam. Most of the complaints come from people who ordered the product and had their credit cards charged without authorization for as much as $109! The so-called “biggest deal in Shark Tank history” is a TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

Various products use the same ad copy. Some of the products include Skin Fresh MD, Suisse, Luxure, Lumidair, Yuva Forever, Dermafixa and others. There are literally hundreds of sights, using the same – or similar – ad copy touting the various products as “the greatest step forward in skin care history.” They use a photo – like the one above – stating sisters “Anna and Samantha Martin won over the Shark Tank panel.”

Don't believe it!

Shark Tank Skin Care Scam Uses Other Celebrity Endorsements

In addition to a “quote” from Barbara Corcoran endorsing the product, other celebrity “endorsements” from Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Megan Mullally, Sandra Bullock and Eva Longoria appear on the sales page. There is even a fake page that uses a legitimate Shark Tank product – Glow Recipe – as a lead in to link to the scam page.

In addition to using fake endorsements, the aforementioned Anna and Samantha Martin never appeared on the show. The photo looks real, but people familiar with Photoshop know pictures are easily faked. I can't even place the faces, and I've watched EVERY EPISODE at least twice.

Beware Scammy Marketing Ploys

Whatever landing page you hit (there may even be an ad for this scam company on our mobile site as they keep marketing under different product names and different URLS), you ultimately land on a page touting a $4.95 “trial offer.” What they don't tell you is they'll continuously charge your credit card and won't stop even after you ask them to (if you can even get them on the phone). Chances are, if you try to call the company, you won't get them on the line. According to Kyle Nardo of Nardo's Natural (season 3), “the scammers linked our customer service phone number to their sites.”

Barbara Corcoran actually confronted one of the scammers and is suing him. A good account of that is found here. The bottom line is this: DON'T believe every ad that says a product was featured on Shark Tank, whether it's one of the Shark Tank skin care scam ads or any other. Always check The Shark Tank Blog. We only feature companies that really appeared on the show. A quick search in our search box will let you know if the company is legitimate or not.

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  1. They claim there was something in the small print that give them the right to charge you the full price. The product doesn’t work any better than anything else on the market. I was ripped off for $170. I’ll never buy any Shark Tank product again or watch the show

    • Well don’t blame Shark Tank. These unscrupulous scammers are using a fake Shark Tank “winner” as the hook to suck you in. It is a scam and not affiliated with the show in any way. Any products listed on this site were on the show.

    • When something blows up as much as this product did, people are going to be fast to jump on and try to ride the rollercoaster upwards. This is the same thing we are seeing with cryptocurrencies right now. This isn’t representative of Shark Tank, the investors or the entrepreneurs!

      • Sandra Armbrust says:

        Be aware they are hijacking sites using their logos like Macy’s. I thought I was buying a product from Macy’s and it turned out to be one of those products from this scam that has tons of different names but same scam. It’s hell to get refund and to get them to stop. Everyone should call on the Attorney General and report them.

    • Terry wells. says:

      Yes. At the bottom of their advertisement it says “terms”. Click on that and they pop up.

    • I was TOTALLY SCAMMED. I “bought” the “Skincare” that two Sisters supposedly got Shark Tanks backing for. The name of the products has changed three times!! I couldn’t get through to Customer Service to try and stop my “additional” orders. Too bad for me I called 2 days over the 14 day cancellation. When the product arrived I got 1/2 production a full jar. The same goes for the eye serum!! I thought I would try it to use for myself and my customers.

      I don’t like the product at all. Today after calling several numbers attached to the total of almost$300 worth of product from my bank account (all numbers were busy!!!). I finally called the original number I used to try the product.

      I spoke to a gentleman who was sticking to the “Ma’am you called 2 days after the 14 day time limit to cancel!” I asked if he would work with me and refund me half of the $300 they charged me, especially since they only sent me a jar of the face product and NOT the eye product they charged me for!! He was sticking hard and strong to that “14 Day agreement”! I asked to speak to a manager or someone higher up. He explained to me that everyone there is at “Management Level”. Frustrated, I said forget it! This is total scam!!”

      I really hope Shark Tank is not involved in these deceitful business practices. I want my damn money back!! Here are the names they have used for this product:
      Lumina Beauty Supp (My guess the last one is supplies)
      I finally got through on the initial phone number:
      1 (888) 503-6457

  2. Rosemary Cannon says:

    I almost fell for these two sisters scam on Omega Fit weight loss supplement. Then i noticed in their ad they show before photos of Melissa McCarthy and Kelley Osborne. Glad I did research & discovered your blog. They need to be sued. They are obviously using Shark Tank & celebrities to scam the public, I love Shark Tank, hate seeing your name associated with these sisters. You should call them out on T.V.

    • Shark tank members, although claiming they have nothing to do with it could actually sue the company who you are claiming false advertising. It would NOT surprise me a bit if the the shark tank owners aren’t making somebody sort of kick back, commissions in some way. I’m not buying the scam on either end!!!! If shark tank members could sue they would they’re making commissions from This so called false advertisement- they could make it stop if they wanted to!!!!!

  3. Bibliophage says:

    The thing is that they actually managed to get on an ABC ‘’ page.

    So, it’s scamming at a very high level.

  4. Lazer Tron says:

    The two ladies featured in the picture are the sisters who pitched a line of bathing suits for moms (season 8, episode 3). Their names are obviously different from the ones cited as running the scam company. The scam folks apparently just took an unrelated picture from an actual pitch and pretended that it was from their scam. Hopefully everyone reading this article can figure that out and isn’t going to think that the ladies in the photo are actually involved in the scam.

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