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Shark Tank may be the best show ever for Entrepreneurs. Each week close to 8 million viewers tune in and get excited about each Entrepreneur asking for The Sharks‘ help. The show is very social and interactive: Twitter goes crazy as The Sharks tweet live during the show. Fans are able to have conversations and get more information from investors, entrepreneurs and the Sharks themselves.Each episode has five investors who hear funding requests for companies ranging from pure start-ups to multimillion dollar businesses. If the Sharks like the business, they’ll negotiate with the entrepreneurs. It can get heated in the Shark Tank since the Sharks are investing their own money.
Shark Tank - Barbara, Lori, Daymond, Kevin, Robert and Mark
The deals made on Shark Tank do not finalize until The Sharks perform due diligence on both the company and the entrepreneur. Investments agreed to on the show often die during the vetting process for a variety of reasons, despite having an on-show agreement.

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By Season:

The show is halfway through Season Four. Current Sharks are Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner.

Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:

Season Four:

Season Five:

Entrepreneurs’ Roller-Coaster

Entrepreneurs go through an emotional roller-coaster ride. There is a regimented casting process with tens of thousands of applicants.

More businesses tape a show segment than are eventually shown. The producers select the most entertaining presentations and then notify each one a few weeks before their episode airs.

The best preparation for an appearance on Shark Tank is setting up as many pitches to Venture Capital and Angel Investment groups before facing the The Sharks. Some entrepreneurs will simulate the rapid barrage of questions by having friends and family simulate the Reality TV Show  experience. Study as many past pitches as possible and record your own pitch, so you are able to study your own presentation and adjust it as necessary.

The Sharks – Celebrity Investors

Shark Tank investors include Billionaire Mark Cuban; Fashion Icon Daymond John; Investment Expert and previously aspiring Photographer, Kevin O’Leary; Real Estate Mogul Barbara Corcoran; QVC Queen and InventorLori Greiner; and Software Mogul and Ferrari Challenge Team owner, Robert Herjavec. Info-Commercial Pioneer Kevin Harrington and Comedian Jeff Foxworthy are previous Celebrity Investors.

Emmy Nomination – Top Rated Friday Night Show

ABC’s Hit Reality TV Show tops the rating charts and is in its fourth season. The show received an Emmy nomination in 2012, and may be the best reality show ever produced. The Sharks offer Entrepreneurs over $10 Million dollars in Season Four, topping Season Three when they offered $6.2 Million dollars.


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  5. Bryan Murphy says:

    I just want everyone to know that has anything to do with this show shark Tank’s that there was a time I had great respect for each and everyone of them. Now that time is past and the show has become popular almost each and everyone of these people the cast of the show are absolute rude and classless at best. It’s one thing to be one thing to toot your own horn horn all the time but is quite another thing to use your own success to try to talk down to others and destroy their very being in their ability to strive for a better life. I think you all should be very ashamed for being such arrogant shallow people which I am sure you will all laugh about and say oh wow how could I be ashamed how could I feel bad about myself because all of you like to tell everyone how rich you are and how successful you are and that’s only through your own insecurity and you all look like idiots. I no longer want to watch the show because you all make me sick. In fact, I think the reason you try to bring everyone else down and not put any money towards their dreams into starting their companies which in a lot of cases have been fantastic ideas. I think the reason you do this and be a little everyone is due to the fact you really do not have the money you claim to have and you simply can’t come up with a better excuse why you can’t come up with the money to invest in their companies other then to degrade them and try to embarrass them and humiliate them and try to ruin their future endeavors. Disrespectfully, Brian

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