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Fans often ask us where to get Shark Tank Products from their favorite entrepreneurs who made a pitch on the show. That’s why we built the complete list of businesses appearing on Shark Tank. Your purchase helps these entrepreneurs live their dream, and that makes this section so valuable.

Shark Tank Products may not be available right now. If they do become available,  our team will list the new Shark Tank Products and then notify you in our newsletter.

Availability of Shark Tank Products depends on a number of factors. If you see an item you want, make sure you move fast before it’s gone. You never know when the entrepreneur will be featured on a rerun resulting in even greater sales than the first run episode.

The holidays are coming up, making Shark Tank Products the perfect gift for fans of the show. They talked about their favorite entrepreneur for weeks, and now you can surprise them with the perfect gift.


Season Five Shark Tank Products

180 Cup
Alaska Glacial Mud Company
Angel Lift
Baker’s Edge
Balloon Distractions
Belly Buds
Better Life
Bon Affair
BooBoo Goo
Bounce Boot Camp
Bubba Q Boneless Baby Back Ribs
Buffer Bit
Cashmere Hair
Cerebral Success
Concealed Carry Academy
Cow Wow
Crio Bru
DDP Yoga
Define Bottle
Elephant Chat
Fairytale Wishes
Foot Fairy
Fort Magic
Freshly Picked
Fun Time Express
Garage Door Lock
Grace and Lace
Hanukkah Tree Topper
Happy Feet
Henry’s Humdingers
Hold Your Haunches
Kane and Couture
Kodiak Cakes
Kookn Kap
Kymera Body Board
Lord Nut Levington
Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles
Magic Moments
Man Medals
Mango Mango
Monkey Mat
Mo’s Bows
My Freeloader
Oru Kayak
PackBack Books
Paint Brush Cover
Paparazzi Proposals
Pet Paint
Postcard on the Run
Power Pot
Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools
Rapid Ramen
Rent a Goat
Rufflebutts & Ruggedbutts
Rugged Maniac
Schulzies Bread Pudding
Southern Culture Foods
Squeaky Knees
Sunday Night Slow Jams
Surprise Ride
Susty Party
Sweet Ballz
Taylor Robinson Music
Ten Thirty One Productions
The Bouqs Company
The Cookie Dough Cafe
The Paint Brush Cover
Tipsy Elves
Total Merchant Resources
Tree T Pee
Veggie Mama
Velocity Signs
Virtuix Omni
Wall Rx
Wine Doctor

Season Four Shark Tank Products

Addison’s Wonderland – Little Girls Bedroom Accessories
Alpha M Style System – Men’s Style Guide
ArKeg – Video Game/Beer Tap
Baby Loves Disco – Mobile Family Disco Parties
Babys Bad Ass Burgers – Burger Babes Food Truck
Back 9 Dips – Buffalo Chicken Dips
BagBowl – Collapsible Bowl
Bev Buckle – Beer Holding Belt Buckle
Bibbitec – Hi-Tech Bib
Black Magic Tattoo Removal – Home Laser Tatto Removal Device
Body Walking Institute – Body Massage
BuggyBeds – Bed Bug Early Detection System
CateAPP – The Cheater’s App
Cell Helmet – Cell Phone Case with Damage Guarantee
Coatchex – Automated Coat Check System
Coffee Joulies – Hot Beverage Thermal Regulator
CordaRoy’sBean Bag Chair/Bed
Cool Wraps – Shrink Wrap Gift Bags
Cork’s Away Wine Adventures – Wine themed sailboat cruises
Cool Wazoo – 5 in 1 Baby Mat
Cousins Lobster Truck – Mobile Food Truck
Cozy Bug – Pillowcase Dresses
CuddletunesMP3 Teddy Bear
Drive Suits – Transformer Costumes
Drop Stop – Carmuda Triangle Rscue
Dura Tent – Table Top Food Tent
Echo Valley Meats – Gourmet Meat
Eco NutsOrganic Soap Nuts
eCreameryCustom Ice Cream
Fat Ass Fudge – Organic Fudge
Fishing Ammo – Shotgun Shell Bobbers
Freaker – Knit Beverage Holders
FuzziBunzCloth Diapers
Geek Chic – Custom Gaming Furniture
Gobie H2O – Eco Water Bottles
Gotta Have S’More – S’more S’Muffins
Green Garmento – Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning Bag
Grinds Coffee Pouches – Chewing Tobacco Substitute
Hip Chix – Premium Jeans
Hoodie Pillow- Hooded Sweatshirt Pillowcase
Hot Tot – Kids Hair Care Products
How Do You Roll – Custom Sushi Restaurant
Ice Chips – Xylitol Candy
Jeska Shoe Company – Shoes with Interchangeable Heels
Jones Scones – Creamy Scones
Kazam – Kids Bike with no Pedals
Liddup – Cooler with LED Lighting
Lifter Hamper – Clothes Lifting Hamper
Liz Lovely Cookies – Gluten Free Organic Cookies
LugLess – Luggage Pick Up Service
Lose 12 Inches – Exercise Program
Marz Sprays – Vitamin Oral Sprays
Mee-Ma’s Gumbo Brick – Ready Made Frozen Gumbo
Mission Belt – Adjustable Belt
Misto Box – Coffee of the Month Club
Muddy Water Camo – Photographic Camouflage
My Cold Snap- Beverage Cooler
Nearly Newlywed – Wedding Dress rental
No Fly Cone – Unique Fly Trap
nPower Peg – Personal Electronic Device Charger
Nuts n More
PartiePoche – Cell Phone leg holder
PC Classes Online – Online computer instruction
PlateTopper – Food Storage
Pretty Padded Room – Online Therapy
Proof EyewearWood Sunglasses
Psi Bands – Acupressure Nausea Relief
PostureNOWPosture Correction Device
PRO-NRG – Protein Infused Energy Drink
Revestor – Real Estate smart phone app
Rockbands – Fashion Wrist Accessories
Root Suits – Spandex Body Suits
RuckPack – energy drink
Ryan’s Barkery – Gourmet Dog Treats
Scrub DaddyHigh Tech Sponge
Shemie – Modern Slips For Modern Women
Simple Sugars – All Natural Skin Care
Smart Bedding
SmartWheel – Driver Awareness Tool
Solowheel – Electric Powered Unicycle
SoundBender – Ipad Amplifier
Squirrel Boss – Squirrel Zapper Bird Feeder
StellaValle – Fashion Jewelry
SubZero Ice CreamIce Cream Franchise
Surfset – Simulated Surfing Equipment
Teddy Needs A Bath – Plush Toy Cleaning system
The Bear and the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs – Frozen Yogurt
The Coop – Kids Party Place
The Game Face Company – Temporary Face Tattoos
The Living Christmas Company – Live Christmas Tree rental
The Pink Shutter – Mobile Photobooths
The Spatty – Mini Spatula
Three Day Rule – Exclusive Dating Website
Tie Try – The Netflix of Ties
Tom and Chee – Gourmet Grilled Cheese Franchise
Track Days – Motorcycle Racing Movie
Traditional Fisheries – Lionfish Remediation
UrbioVertical Urban Garden System
VerbalizeIt – Translation App
Vermont Butcher Block and Board Company – Gifts made from Vermont Wood
Wicked Good Cupcakes – Cupcakes in a Jar
Wired Waffles – Caffeine Infused Waffles
Xeroshoes – Hi-Tech Huarache Sandals
Zomm – Wireless Cell Phone Leash

Season Three Shark Tank Products

Chord Buddy
Liquid Money
Tail Lightz
You Smell Soap
Five-Minute Furniture
The Painted Pretzel
Esso Watches
The Last Lid
Ledge Pillow
Talbott Teas
M3 Girl Designs
The Swilt
Show No
Puppy Cake
Wine Balloon
The Original Profender
Nardo’s Natural
The Ave
Bark’em’s To Go
Brewer’s Cow Ice Cream
GoGo Gear
I Want to Draw a Cat for You
His Vegas Magic Show
Blondie’s Cookies
The Sullivan Generator
Copa Di Vino
Tower Paddle Boards
Instant Lifts
Miso Media
Clean Bottle
My Wonderful Life
Business Ghost
The Smart Baker
The Heat Helper
TEC – ScottEvest
Cougar Energy
Nitroforce Industries
UniKey Technologies
Boot Illusions
Villy Custom
Nail Pak
Debbie Brooks Handbags
Trimi Tanks
Wild Squirrel Nut Butter
Cab 20
Mix Bikini
Billy Blanks Jr.’s Dance With Me

Season Two Shark Tank Products

Broccoli Wad
Daisy Cakes
First Defense Nasal Screens
Ride-on Carry-on
Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky
Hill Billy Brand
Hot Mama Gowns
Wake N’ Bacon
Vurtego Pogo Sticks
Wurkin Stiffs
Tippi Toes
Original Shrimp Burger
Copa Di Vino
Mod Mom Furniture
Fitness Stride
Pure Ayre
Carsik Bib
Orig Audio
Original Man Candle
Original Runner Company
HyConn LLC.
Samson Martin
Aldo Orta Jewelry
One Sole

Season One Shark Tank Products

A Perfect Pear
Attached Noted
AVA The Elephant
The Bobble Place
Body Jac – Exercise equipment
Boogie Box Fitness
Captain Ice Cream
Chef In Black, Inc.
Chill Soda
Chopstick Art
Classroom Jams
Coffee Brand Gifts
Cornucopia Express
Crooked Jaw
Element Bars
Face Blok
The Factionist
50 State Capitals Deck
The Fizz
Fridge Fronts
The Fun house Project
Gayla Bentley Fashion
Gift Card Rescue
Good Grief Celebrations
Graffiti Removal Services
Granola Gourmet
Grease Monkey Wipes
Grill Charms
Hells Bells Helmets
Ink Flip
Ionic Ear
Jump Forward
Kalyx Technologies
LipStix ReMix
Llama Brew
Mr. Poncho
Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory
My Therapy Journal
New Era Brands
Pillars of Slippers
The Podillow
Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce
Qubits Toys
Romp N’ Roll
Souls Calling, Inc.
Thin Gloss
Treasure Chest Pets
The Twister
Underease Underwear
The URO Club
Voyage Air Guitar
Washed Up Hollywood
The URO Club
Wee Can Shop

The Sharks are wealthy business people who fund businesses each week. Entrepreneurs pitch the Sharks hoping to receive an investment to help grow or start their business. Sometimes the Sharks invest and make entrepreneur’s dreams come true, sometimes they just go “out.”

Whether businesses get funded or not, most benefit from the massive exposure they get from appearing on the show. Many sell their products online. Lots of fortunes have been made from entrepreneurs who have leveraged their appearance into massive product sales.

Until now, there hasn’t been a single source of Shark Tank products in one place. Now you can use the products page to shop online for all your favorites!


  1. This is a great list! Thank You!

  2. Millicent porter says:

    What is the name of product that kept items from falling between car seat?

  3. Michelle says:

    I was looking for the product that turns anything into a speaker. Do you know what product I am talking about??

  4. kathleen williams says:

    I’m trying to locate the thing the mom re designed for babies,someting like a carrier or stroller,only the lady on shark tank invested in it,thanks.

  5. I am looking for the product which was introduced in the last month or so, it was a POWDER SUNBLOCK that is NOT TINTED and IT WONT COME OFF :-)

    I really want this and want to buy for my mother. Can’t remember I dont think the idea was bought because of patent issues… I still want to purchase :-)

  6. Wanda Dartnell says:

    What was the name of the party supplies delivery service. They also mentioned they were looking for Francise owners. I would love to bring this product to Canada. I would love the contact info. Thank you!

  7. Marsha Berlin says:

    Looking for the item that straightens out your posture ………put your arms thru and straightens your back… the list of items previously shown……

  8. Jaslin Yu says:

    What is the transformer suit called? My son loves it.

  9. Rob, I’m interested in the product that goes on the iPad to re-direct the sound to the front. Hopefully, it can attach even when the iPad has a case on it.

  10. Hey, I just found it and placed an order for Soundbender. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Thanks, Sharktank!

    • I liked the airbender, but if I am correct… when the creator was on the show he said it only cost about $3 or $4 to make and amazon has it for $23!!! Great for him…. not so great for the consumer who knows the profit margin.

      Regardless, I am still thinking about getting one haha.

  11. Marsha jones says:

    I wish the live Christmas tree was in the dallas market. I think dallas would love it. We are family entertainers. From mid October to January we have less time to be crafty for the season like I used to do. But I would love a real tree to decorate. Plus I think it would be a neat addition to the “family album” to have clowns, magicians, balloon entertainer and face painter as part of the history! Is it still on shark tanks radar? I didn’t see it listed.

  12. Geek Chic furniture has a website (no I’m not affiliated–I just think their furniture is awesome!)

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