Robert Herjavec

Robert HerjavecCanadian Shark, Robert Herjavec, immigrated from Croatia as a young child. A self-made millionaire, Herjavec lives an elite lifestyle, driving a collection of exotic cars, cruising on his own yacht, and owning luxury homes in Canada and Florida. He is the epitome of the Rags-to-Riches story.

Robert Herjavec solidified his success early on selling his first Start-up Company for over 100 Million dollars, after taking nine years to build, with plans to retire in his thirties. Retirement was short, he needed more challenge. He embarked on his second Start-up Company and sold it in sixteen short months for 230 million dollars.

Now, Herjavec has yet another Start-up Company, The Herjavec Group, a Software Security Company.

Herjavec’s celebrity status took off when he made his mark on Dragons Den, the Canadian model for Shark Tank. Herjavec has been a longtime investor on that show and appears in every Shark Tank show to date.

He is a published author, writing the book, “Driven, How to Succeed in Business and Life“. The book is available in Ebook form, on Amazon and iTunes.

Auto Racing is only fitting, with Herjavec’s love of exotic automobiles. He is an owner/driver in the Ferrari Challenge Car Series. He created a considerable amount of attention when the “Rookie of the Year” champion crashed his Ferrari Race Car.

Robert Herjavec on Selling

Herjavec was determined to learn to sell, His worked his first selling job for free in exchange for the education. He is willing to do anything, as long as it is legal.

Robert Herjavec Investments

  • Grill Charms – $50,000 for 20% Equity Investment
  • Lightfilm – $100,000 for 75% plus $.75 per dollar until $750.000 (Daymond John Partnered)



  1. Love the show. Mr. Wonderful could use an infusion of Anti-Asshole medication. If you’d like, gimme a buzz and I’ll do the infusing myself.


  2. Peter Stein says:

    I just watched the Shark Tank episode where you and Mark Cuban partnered with the Investioners for their Smart wheel. There was an issue that these young and intelligent students couldn’t realize: who their customers were. This invention would benefit every high school who provides their students instructional driver’s education training and also independent driving schools. Simple?

  3. Matt Welch says:

    Robert, you need to make more deals man. I don’t ever see you capitalizing on these business opportunities. You guys need to be more fair as well- you are a big baby when someone makes a counter offer and you’re like “I’m out.” Are you serious? What would you do if you were making a big business deal in your real life and a huge potential partner (you’re trying to close) throws you an objection… what are you just gonna break down and quit. Woosy! You need to give these people a chance and not pull your opportunity if they wanna think about it or hear other offers. Stop being so Da** selfish and play the game more fairly, give these people more of a chance too.

  4. I agree with Matt. Robert, you say “I’m ouwt” way too much. I can tell you aren’t going to make a deal with anyone before the show even starts. I say you either start making more deals or give up your seat so that Laurie and Barbara can be on at the same time. At least then, these entrepreneurs can get a better chance of not having their dreams crushed.

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